Tiktoker Kubra Dogan dies after falling from a building while trying to record the sunset

Tiktoker Kubra Dogan dies after falling from a building while trying to record the sunset

A 23-year-old Turkish tiktoker died after the roof of the building from which she was filming collapsed. Is about Kubra dogan, who two weeks ago had gone to visit her cousin Helen, 16, at the family apartment in Istanbul.

At one point during the visit, both decided to go up to the roof of the nine-story building to record content for the social network, since it was sunset and I wanted to have pictures of the sun setting over the horizon. This was reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

While the cousins ​​were on the terrace of the building, Kubra decided to go down to a place that appeared to be a gray plastic cover, which immediately snapped, so the tiktoker fell 50 meters into the street.

In the stills that were filmed around 7.30pm by Helen you can see Kubra in sportswear and a cap, posing just before sitting on the edge of the roof. There, he goes down to the bottom of the building, while Helen turns the camera to his face. and you see signs of concern on her face.

Immediately, the camera returns to show Kubra and captures the exact moment in which the influencer steps on the plastic that breaks. Faced with the accident, Helen and her family call the ambulance, which arrived a few minutes later. Doctors confirmed that Kubra had passed away.

For his part, the uncle of the influencer Nebi Dogan, announced that they will sue the person responsible for placing the plastic panels that are not resistant. “As soon as she puts her foot on the plastic, it breaks and she falls from a ninth floor”Said the man, who assured that they will not stop seeking justice for what happened.

The uncle also confessed that both he and other family members had asked Kubra and Helen not to film “dangerous” content for social networks. “We warn you, but they did not obey”He lamented.

It is not the first time that the death of a tiktoker has been recorded on video. A few weeks ago, the influencer Xiao Qiumei, barely 23 years old, recorded his own death while broadcasting live from the top of a construction crane. It happened in the Zhejiang province, located in China, when the young woman decided to broadcast live for the platform known as Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok).

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