Tim Bradley voices concern over Jermell Charlo’s weight gain for Canelo Alvarez fight

Charlo's physical transformation sparks intrigue as Alvarez readies for a battle to reclaim global boxing acclaim in the Vegas showdown.

Canelo Alvarez is preparing for his second fight of the year after a great victory over Englishman John Ryder in Mexican territory. Now, he will travel to Las Vegas to face Jermell Charlo, on September 30 in Las Vegas.

For that date, the Mexican will try to continue recovering his credit and prestige with another convincing victory that will make him regain his popularity around the world.

His rival, Jermell, is also preparing thoroughly for his great opportunity to defeat Canelo. To do so, he is undergoing a physical transformation that will see him gain weight to move up from 154 pounds to 168.

The boxing world is surprised by Jermell’s decision and change. For example, former champion Tim Bradley considers that he can be dangerous and explained so in an interview in ‘Fight Hype’.

“Where is he going to put that weight? Is he going to gain weight in the torso, or is he going to gain weight in the legs? Sometimes people think that gaining weight is a good thing, but in a lot of cases, it’s not. You don’t have to gain all that weight if you don’t need to. But Jermell Charlo having to gain all that weight is going to be difficult. And how he does it affects him. It affects how he trains, and people don’t talk about it,” he says.

Bradley believes all of this will affect the show and the fight you see: “It can be counterproductive to make all that weight. I don’t think Jermell is going to be any faster at that extra weight. I think it’s a very lopsided fight for that reason,” he said.