Tina Galindo, Esteemed Mexican Theater Producer, Dies at 78 from COVID-19 Complications

Tina Galindo, involved in Mexican theater production for over 40 years, dies, marking an end to her professional journey.

The Mexican entertainment world is grappling with the loss of one of its most distinguished figures, theater producer Tina Galindo, who passed away at the age of 78 due to complications with COVID-19. This news, confirmed on Tuesday, January 30, has cast a somber shadow over the industry.

Tina Galindo’s death was officially confirmed by journalist María Luisa Valdes Doria. Notably, as of now, Daniela Romo, who was not only a client but a close companion of Galindo for decades, has yet to make a public statement regarding this loss.

A Deep and Abiding Connection The relationship between Daniela Romo and Tina Galindo was more than just professional. In 2023, Romo openly discussed the profound love and admiration she held for Galindo. Their bond was often the subject of speculation, with rumors of a romantic connection circulating. Galindo was not just Romo’s manager for over four decades but also a vital presence in her life, a fact Romo has candidly expressed in the past.

Tina Galindo died. Photo: Cuartoscuro
Tina Galindo died. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Speaking to Televisa Espectáculos, Romo once said, “She was with me all my cancer and has been with me 44 years, it’s going to be in this year. We have done all our lives together and she is more than important to me. I am with her, besides a gigantic admiration because she is a strong and wonderful person.”

In February 2023, Daniela Romo shared insights into the adjustments they had to make due to Galindo’s health issues. Despite not being able to be together ‘from top to bottom’ as before, Romo found solace in Galindo’s continued presence and guidance in her life. Romo expressed her deep affection for Galindo, referring to her as “the boss” and acknowledging her immense influence.

They were together for more than 40 years. Photo: Special
They were together for more than 40 years. Photo: Especial

Galindo’s passing marks the end of an era in Mexican show business. Her influence extended beyond her professional achievements, touching the lives of those she worked with, like Daniela Romo. As a testament to her impactful life, her legacy will continue to be felt in the industry for years to come.

Galindo’s health deteriorated following a COVID-19 diagnosis, leading to her untimely death. While her death was confirmed on the morning of January 30, it is reported by Televisa that she actually passed away the night before, on January 29, at her home.

In remembering Tina Galindo, we recall her remarkable journey, the lives she touched, and the indelible mark she left on Mexican show business.