Tip bait, the method some customers use to scam food delivery people

A man from Oregon, United States, who works as a food delivery man, has made known in Tiktok the way some customers trick workers to get their order faster. The video posted on the aforementioned platform by Owen Lindstrom has gone viral with more than 4.8 million views.

It happens that the user in question set himself the challenge of working 100 days using the UberEats and DoorDash applications. Despite making $ 17,000 in all that time, he noticed something he described as the “Tip bait”.

As he explains, some customers offer a large tip when ordering, in an attempt to encourage drivers to accept the order faster; but nevertheless, once the food is delivered, the customer keeps the entire tip.

“In food delivery applications, the customer has the ability to increase or decrease tips after delivery”Lindstrom explained. “Tip bait is when a customer offers a big tip to get their food faster and then takes it last. While it is good to protect the customer from bad service by holding the tip above their head, it leaves a great opportunity to mislead the driver. “.

Food Delivery Boy Reveals How Some Customers Trick Workers To Get Their Order Faster

@ owenlindstrom1 okay … I want your worst tip baiting stories. winner gets a crisp high five. # 100daychallenge #fyp #deliverydriver #uberdriver #doordashdriver ♬ original sound – owenlindstrom

Its publication became a trend and generated divided opinions among users. While some sympathized with him, others defended the move, claiming that customers have the right to change the amount if the service has been unsatisfactory.

“I hate when they do that”said one person. “Tipping is not automatic nor is it guaranteed. A tip is a reward for great service, not mediocre or basic! “said a netizen. “Thanks for the info, I’ll use this trick to get my food faster”scoffed another. “You provoke it yourself”commented a fourth.