Tired of hiding it? Chyno uploads photos

  • Days after talking about his separation, the Venezuelan gives free rein to his singleness
  • Chyno Miranda, also shows off his new love on social networks
  • It is about a Venezuelan model, with whom it would take a couple of months

Are you no longer afraid to hide your new girlfriend? Chyno Miranda, since he broke the news that he has been separated for a year with Natasha Arios, has been giving free rein to his single life. First, surprising his followers by uploading smoking stories and now, with the surprise that he seems to be dating a beautiful Venezuelan model.


The singer has been giving glimpses of what appears to be his new girlfriend, in addition to a certain comment on social networks that has set off the alarms to his followers about this recent relationship. Although it worries that he publishes the photographs and in minutes he deletes them, without really saying whether or not it is a formal relationship. Could Natasha agree?

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: Chyno is careless and uploads photos

Chyno is careless and uploads photographs
Photo: Instagram

By mistake? Apparently, the singer Chyno Miranda confirmed the new relationship in which he is involved with a beautiful model. The Venezuelan uploaded a photograph with a young woman, whose identity was not known but a mistake quickly made it known who she is. But, the singer did not want people to find out about his romance.

He, after posting the images on Instagram Stories, quickly deleted them. That did not stop the images from being recovered and people from recognizing who it was. Apparently, the young woman is a Venezuelan model who resides in Miami and with whom the singer would be giving love a new opportunity. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: Chyno’s new love?

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: Chyno's new love?
Photo: Instagram

After a year separated from Natasha Araos and reporting it a couple of days ago, the singer decided to give love a new chance. Or that is what it seems to be, because he has not given a confirmation to what is being rumored so much; The Venezuelan tried to keep this new love affair a secret, but everything failed when he published the photos on his Instagram and then deleted them.

It was the page of ChicaPicosa2 on Instagram, which preserved the images of Chyno with his supposed girlfriend in a very romantic attitude. He also reported who it was and what the young Venezuelan girlfriend does; The news of his romance has confused his followers since in recent days he was still very affectionate with his wife Tashie. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend

Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend: The Speculations

Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend: The Speculations
Photo: Instagram

The first image shows the new couple, smiling very happily at the camera that is capturing them. It seems that they are in a Starbucks for the drinks that are under them and they catch a glimpse of it, it almost seems like the photograph that anyone takes with a friend until a certain comment by the singer almost confirmed the relationship.

“A few days after confirming his breakup with Natasha Araos, much has been speculated about the new love of Chyno Miranda.”, Reads the description of the image that published the photographs of the new relationship of the Venezuelan. “Although he himself has not made it official, a new image published on networks revealed the identity of his new sentimental companion.”, Confessed the page of shows. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: A model stole the singer’s heart

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: A model stole the singer's heart
Photo: Instagram

The woman who appears very affectionate with the singer is a Venezuelan model named Daymar Mora. It seems that the fears about him what they will say or some problem that may arise with his followers or Natasha herself was left behind and the singer is determined to show the person who stole her heart. In the second photo, he appears behind the young woman as they both smile at the camera.

“It would be a Venezuelan model, identified as Daymar Mora. The singer published a snapshot with the girl, which he deleted after a few minutes. “, Mentioned the account of ChicaPicosa2, in the caption of the photo, letting know who it is and it seems that the identity of the young woman was made known by the same singer, since he left the username in the image. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: I already wanted to go public

Chyno Miranda new girlfriend: I already wanted to go public
Photo: Instagram

Although some people continue to claim that they are just friends, others think the opposite. The influencer and the singer have hinted at the new parts of this recent relationship and what is speculated is that Chyno wanted to make his relationship with the model public, so he decided to speak in recent days about the end of his marriage and feel free to publish the new photos where he is very well accompanied.

“However, Chyno seems to be more than determined to make his romance public, because this time he did not hide the username of the lucky one.” for weeks and the new photograph where he leaves giving him a kiss on the cheek would confirm it. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda New Girlfriend

The comment that would make the relationship official

The comment that would make the relationship official
Photo: Instagram

Just friends? Well a friend would not put ‘indirectly’ if he is lucky to be in his life. Chyno Miranda has made an extremely revealing comment on the influencer’s profile; She published a photograph with her three-year-old son at Disneyland with a description that would not make anyone think that it was directed at the Venezuelan, but he himself claimed those words.

“I am so lucky to have you.”, Reads the description of the series of images that the model posted on her Instagram profile, but everything seemed to indicate that it was her little son, until Chyno commented on the images making them others will doubt their ‘friends’ relationship. “And me!”, Wrote the singer making others assume the new relationship because she responded with a heart.

“What time?”

"What time?"
Photo: Instagram

The comments have not been long in coming and popular opinion has the same doubt. At what point did this romance take place? It is not known precisely, but the singer has been much happier and more relaxed, something that in recent months could not be appreciated due to the disease that afflicted him and the collateral damage that arose through that condition. That’s why doubts arise, since he and Natasha always seemed happier pretending to continue in a relationship.

“But what time ?! I do not follow him nor am I very informed about what is happening in his life, the last thing I was left with is that he was sick, then I heard that his wife was criticized because she treated him badly, people pitying him and throwing a bad wave at his wife, I saw that they uploaded a video where they say they are separated and him crying and people saying that she told him to say, that is, they have practically victimized him and it turns out that he brings another couple, at what moment did he take time? a user through the comments of the published images.

New girlfriend, but still living with wife

Wife Chyno Miranda: "We will continue living together"
Photo: Instagram

What will Natasha think of that relationship? Everything indicates that everyone is living their life and enjoying their time being single, so the singer’s still wife would not care about the singer’s love life. A couple of days ago, she declared that she would continue living with the Venezuelan for the common good of her family.

Thank you, thank you for being there. We are still together, living together. Not as a couple, as a family, yet. Everything takes time and process. ”, Commented Natasha, who was accompanied by Chyno in the car, while she recorded the answer to all the doubts that had arisen after the separation.

All for Lucca

Chyno Miranda
Photo: Instagram

The woman stressed that for both, the important thing was to maintain a harmony for her son. Just like in the video where they confessed their separation, Natasha and Chyno reiterated their desire to be a good team for the common good of little Lucca. As in the beginning of the video, the couple appreciated the comments of their followers.

And as I told you, we are going to continue a wonderful team for our blessing from God. “Thank you from the heart, thank you!”, Said Chyno before the camera, to later finish the clip, which was shared in the stories of the young woman.

“It is not strange for us”

Chyno also expressed his feelings towards his followers
Photo: Instagram

Through his stories on Instagram, Chyno Miranda reappeared after officially reporting his break with the Venezuelan Natasha Araos, in the brief videos, both he and Natasha appeared from their car thanking them for all the messages of support they have received since the news. , also arguing that he had wanted to report this for a year:

“My people, thank you for your support and all your messages of affection, I know that for you this news could have impacted them, but we have already been planning how to say it for a year, and we are here together”, later, Chyno began to record Natasha Araos, who commented that the priority had always been the singer’s recovery.

When they confirmed the separation

"These are very hard moments"
Photo: Instagram

Faced with the pressure that the press, entertainment media and social networks had done with the couple, there was no choice but to accept that they were separated. Rumors began to emerge a couple of months ago, when it was revealed that supposedly ‘Tashie’ had not been with Chyno at the worst time of her life, speaking about her health and what would be the reason for their separation.

Well, we haven’t been together as a couple for a year, okay? I want you to know that. ”Jesus confessed in the video they shared on social networks. It seems that the singer still did not want to reveal their separation and after months of rumors, both could not bear to remain silent and preferred to talk about the facts. In addition, it served for the singer to introduce ‘informally’ his new girlfriend.

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