Tiziano Ferro and his husband became the parents of two babies

Titian Ferro turned to his official Instagram account to share a surprise with his followers, the Italian singer and his husband Victor Allen they became the parents of two babies; the little ones Margaret and Andrew, came to the life of the famous; the artist has expressed his happiness.

The interpreter of “Alucinado” confirmed that his children arrived weeks apart, so Margherita is Andrés’ older sister, who is 9 and 4 months old. In his social profile, the singer expressed that for him and her husband the experience of being parents is the greatest honor and responsibility.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We inform you that it was in July 2019 that the singer married Victor Allen, so she boasted in a photo that she uploaded to Instagram together with her husband, but now she has boasted her two babies to her more than 2 million followers.

Photo of the children of Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen

The singer and her husband became the parents of two babies Ferro and Victor Allen

In the adorable photograph that the singer shared on social networks, he commented: “I became a father and I want to introduce you to these two beauties of 9 and 4 months. Margherita and Andrés, your life has just begun.” He expressed in the publication.

“We face with love, care, tenderness and dedication.”

On the other hand, he commented that he will take care of his children and said that they will decide when to share his life story, in the same way he thanked the shows of affection from his fans, although the fans could not comment on the publication since the famous one has blocked the messages of his followers.

Who is the husband of Tiziano Ferro?

Ferro and Victor Allen

Allen is originally from Los Angeles and is dedicated to the world of entertainment, he worked as a consultant for Warner and in 2019 it was revealed that he had his own marketing agency, he has also dedicated himself to the rescue of dogs. According to Vanity Fair, she secretly married the celebrity on June 25.

The singer Tiziano Ferro has shared some photos with her husband Victor Allen, but recently the news of the arrival of her two children has shaken social networks, because in the adorable photograph the famous and her husband look very happy with their two children.

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