Tiziano Ferro and her husband become the parents of two little ones

Long live love! Italian singer-songwriter Titian Ferro has announced through her social networks that, together with her husband Victor Allen, they have become parents of two little onesnews that comes just a week after their wedding was confirmed.

Before his 2.1 million followers, the singer announced the arrival of her two children, introducing Margherita and Andréswho are only a few weeks apart, the girl being the oldest, achieving all kinds of reactions in the comments section.

“Two phone calls made me the happiest man in the world. The first a few months ago: a girl. The second, just a few weeks ago: this time, a boy. I’m a dad, and I want to introduce you to these two wonders of 9 and 4 months. Margherita and Andres, your life has just begun. And ours too,” Ferro shared in the post.

In the photograph that Tiziano Ferro shared through Instagram, she can be seen happy with life taking care of her two children next to her husband, managing to reach more than 781 thousand likes in a matter of hours and many positive comments.

Tiziano Ferro and her husband become the parents of two little ones

A new adventure and experience begins for Tiziano and her husband, Victor Allen, because being parents “represents the greatest honor, the greatest responsibility. We will face it with love, care, tenderness and dedication,” he said.

In the same way, Tiziano Ferro asked his public and the media to keep the news respectful and privatebecause she will take care of her two children, together with her husband, in the best possible way, preserving their privacy and they will be the ones who decide to share their story or not.

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