“To the rescue”: the incredible unforeseen event that Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman suffered during the New Year’s celebration

“We go to the rescue, at 12 o’clock, at night … Happy New Year,” says Evaluna Montaner amused in the voice-over of a video uploaded to Mau and Ricky’s official account. Laughing, they see how they arrive in a downtown Miami street in search of Ricky and Stefi Roitman, who had suffered an unexpected inconvenience.

When they arrived they found Ricky’s exuberant yellow 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible stuck in the middle of the street, without a battery.

In the rescue mission also participated Camilo and Sara Escobar, Mau’s wife.

In the images you can see Stefi dressed for the festivities, with a outfit total white to receive 2022, a feather hat, spectacular boots full of glitter and sunglasses. In his hands he holds some french fries, as he looks at the scene in disbelief.

Stefi hopes they will rescue them

Fortunately, the “Montaner brigade” successfully resolved the situation: Ricky, Mau and Camilo managed to push the fancy yellow car and then got to revive the battery.

“They did it,” the smallest of the family group shouted ecstatically as she stroked her pregnant belly.

“This is how we received 12 o’clock !! 😂 Thank God for this and for the next one !! Happy New Year !! ”, the Montaner brothers wrote on their Instagram account once the problem was resolved.

The post has thousands of comments and “Likes”. “How is the play called? Kicking off the year 😂❤️ ”, wrote one of his most resourceful followers.

The Montaner family said goodbye to a great 2021, with world tours by Mau and Ricky and Camilo; with the news of Indigo’s arrival and the preparations for the big wedding of 2022.

Ricky and Stefi will be married on January 8, 2022 in the United States. The actress said that they have already chosen the destination where they will say “yes, I do”, and anticipated some details about the big day. “The dress is in process, one could say,” he said. And he clarified that he chose a young Argentine designer to make his most special outfit. He also said that he had already tested the catering: “The best, the most beautiful thing was the tasting, we did it with my parents, with my in-laws and with Ricky, we were all trying the dishes.”

As for the location, he revealed that the wedding will be in Miami and also confirmed that there will be several familiar faces at the celebration, and they will have to travel to the North American city to attend. In this sense, in previous notes he had named several of his famous friends: Marc Anthony, Sebastián Yatra, Manuel Turizo, Lali Espósito, and Tini Stoessel.

A few weeks after saying yes, the Argentinian influencer made a getaway to Colombia, for her second bachelorette party, since the first had been months ago in Buenos Aires. She was accompanied by an intimate group of friends and family, like her sister, Chantal roitman; his sisters-in-law, Evaluna and Sara.

The young women organized a bachelorette party for him on a luxurious boat. On her official Instagram account, Stefi shared images and videos of the fun celebration. With a white dress and a flower headdress on her head, Ricky’s girlfriend danced the night away and thus enjoyed an unforgettable moment surrounded by her loved ones.


Stefi Roitman celebrated her second bachelorette party with a party on a boat in Colombia

Evaluna surprised Camilo with a video call