Hoy’s host Andrea Legarreta is embarrassed live and apologizes to the public

One of the famous conductors of the program, Hoy, has given what to talk about in the entertainment world thanks to his reaction during the morning since he apologized to the public.

We are talking about Andrea Legarreta, who, during the show’s broadcast on September 8, spent an embarrassing moment that he even apologized for so much pain.

As we told you in American Post News, Andrea Legarreta is one of the public’s favorites due to her attitude and imposing style. However, now she had to dance with the ugliest.

Andrea Legarreta is embarrassed in Hoy.

During the program on September 8, one of the public’s favorite sections entitled “La Voz Canta” was carried out, in which Raul Araiza threw a word. The person whose turn it is to participate must sing a song that contains it. For this reason, Andrea Legarreta was embarrassed by her singing voice and even asked for forgiveness.

“If they wanted to drag, trample, and humiliate me, it was not necessary. It’s okay to laugh. An apology in advance, to the public too,” said the actress and host.

However, after the first few verses, Andrea felt so embarrassed that she said to herself, “Oh, what a bear!” although she continued to sing.

In his style, Legarreta continued with his interpretation, drawing laughter from his colleagues and guests and obtaining applause from them.

“I’ve never had this level of embarrassment,” Andy said as he finished.

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Where can you see the Hoy program?

The morning program Hoy is one of the favorites of the public

The most staunch fans of the program will know that it is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the Las Estrellas signal on open television from 9:00 in the morning and ends at noon. There we can see Galilea Montijo, RaĂșl Araiza, Andrea Legarreta, Tania RincĂłn among other drivers who liven up the mornings.

However, if you missed the broadcast or want to watch the show again, you can always go to the show’s official YouTube account, where the different sections are uploaded.