Tokyo 2021 Olympics: what Olympians win for a gold medal

Tokyo 2021 Olympics: what Olympians win for a gold medal

In Singapore, gold medalists receive almost 20 times more than American athletes.

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The International Olympic Committee does not pay financial prizes to athletes who obtain medals, but many countries reward their athletes with monetary prizes.

CNBC published a count of what athletes get depending on the country they represent and because there are no established quotas, each nation sets its prizes. Below what receive the winners of a gold medal in 12 countries:

– Singapore, $ 737,000

– Kazakhstan, $ 250,000

– Malaysia, $ 236,000

– Italy, $ 213,000

– Philippines, $ 200,000

– Hungary, $ 168,000

Brazil, $ 49,000

– Japan, $ 45,000

United States, $ 37,500

– South Africa, $ 37,000

Canada, $ 16,000

– Australia, $ 15,000

In addition to the awards from the National Olympic Committees, the winners can also receive incentives from their governments, private initiative and their sponsors.

For instance Hidilyn Díaz, weightlifter from the Philippines, won her country’s first gold medal at Tokyo 2020 and for his historic achievement, he will receive at least 33 million Philippine pesos ($ 600,000) from the Philippine Sports Commission and from his country’s leading businessmen. In addition, the medalist will receive two houses and free flights for life.

In the United States, the Olympic and Paralympic Committee rewards its athletes with $ 37,500 for each gold medal won, $ 22,500 for the silver and $ 15,000 for the bronze.

Additionally, American athletes receive other benefits including health insurance, access to world-class medical facilities, and assistance with college tuition.

While gold medalists in Singapore receive almost 20 times more that american athletes who obtain his first individual gold medal, as he is awarded 1 million Singapore dollars ($ 737,000 US dollars).

Olympic athletes not only receive monetary and non-monetary rewards from their countries for winning medals.

Athletes from more developed and competitive countries receive training stipends or scholarships from their national sports associations.

The best players also get financial compensation for winning national and international tournaments. Others earn a regular salary by performing various jobs.

Although there is also a select and small group of athletes who can receive millionaire sponsorships, either before competing in the Olympic Games or after ranking as the best in their specialty at the Games.

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