Tokyo Olympics: how Latin American countries finish in Tokyo 2020

Cuba and Brazil have stood up for Latin America at the Olympic Games once again.

The Caribbean country has achieved the best results in Tokyo 2020, whose competitions end this Sunday.

Along with the Brazilians, the Latin American nations remain the most medals win at the Olympics.

But there have also been surprises: Ecuador Y Dominican Republic they have notably improved their performance in Tokyo compared to the past Olympics.

Here we review what happened until this Friday in Tokyo 2020 and how it compares with Rio 2016.

Cuba: to the head

The Cuban delegation has three olympic boxing champions, one of the sports in which the country has historically been a power.

But also the Greco-Roman wrestling brought him another two golds. One was that of Mijaín López, who has won four gold medals in the Olympic Games, establishing himself as one of the best fighters of all time.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 13Overall rank: 14Total: 11Overall rank: 18
Mijjaín López

Mijaín López won his fourth Olympic Games gold.

Brazil: in the fight

After winning 19 medals at home four years ago, Brazil had a tougher time at Tokyo 2020.

The sailing equipment feminine, Italo Ferreira in the surf, Ana Marcela Cunha in the open water swim and Rebeca Andrade in artistic gymnastics they go like champions.

But he is still in the fight for the lead of the Latin American medal table.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 16Overall rank: 16Total 19Overall rank: 13
Ana Marcela Cunha

Ana Marcela Cunha was the best open water swimmer of Tokyo 2020.

Ecuador: the golden dream

Ecuadorian athletes have had the best result in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Neisi Dajomes Y Tamara salazar they hung the gold and silver in weightlifting, respectively, while Richard Carapaz He is a champion in road cycling.

In Rio 2016, Ecuadorian athletes left empty-handed.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 3Overall rank: 34Total: 0Overall Rank: 79+
Neisi Dajomes

Neisi Dajomes became Olympic weightlifting champion in the 76 kg category.

Dominican: covered in silver

Dominicans have had an outstanding participation in Tokyo 2020.

The mixed 4 × 400m relay team flew onto the running track and took second place. Marileidy paulino in particular, he hung two medals, as he finished second in his individual 400 m flat event.

In weightlifting, Zacarías Bonnat (silver) and Crismery Santana (bronze) also took the podium.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 4Overall rank: 65Total: 1Overall rank: 78
Marileidy paulino

Marileidy Paulino participated with the relay team and individually, winning two silver medals.

Venezuela: from the hand of Yulimar Rojas

Setting a new world record, Yulimar Rojas won gold in the women’s triple jump and led Venezuela to climb the Tokyo 2020 medal table.

The South American nation added another two silver medals in weightlifting with July Mayora Y Keydomar Vallenilla. One more silver fell in BMX cycling.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 4Overall rank: 41Total: 3Overall rank: 62
Yulimar Rojas

Yulimar Rojas set a new world record by winning gold in the women’s triple jump at Tokyo 2020.

Colombia: win silver, lose gold

Those of Rio 2016 were a good Olympic Games for Colombia, as they won three golds.

In Tokyo they have only added four silvers: Anthony Zambrano (athletics), Mariana Pajón (BMX), Sandra Arenas (walking) and Luis Mosquera (weightlifting).

Carlos Ramírez came close to joining the silver club, but in the end he won bronze in BMX.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 5Overall rank: 64Total: 8Overall rank: 23
Mariana Pajon

“It’s silver, but it’s worth like gold and more,” Mariana Pajón told BBC Mundo.

Mexico: “almost”

The Tokyo 2020 Games have not been the best for Mexico.

Although the country has four medals, all bronze,sus athletes are has been in fourth placein seven competitions.

The men’s soccer team earned applause by beating host Japan 3-1 and clinching the bronze.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 4Overall rank: 80Total 5Overall rank: 61
Gabriela Agundez García and Alejandra Orozco Loza

Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozco won bronze in the synchronized jumps of the 10 m platform.

Argentina: loses the golds

Team sports gave Argentina two medals at Tokyo 2020.

The set of hockey took second place in the women’s final, while the “Pumas” took bronze in rugby 7.

In Rio 2016, the Argentines won three Olympic championships (judo, men’s hockey and sailing) that they could not endorse at Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 2Overall rank: 72Total 4Overall rank: 27
Argentina's rugby team 7

The Argentina rugby 7 team took the silver.

Puerto Rico: repeat a gold

Puerto Ricans are concluding their participation in Tokyo 2020 with a gold medal, achieved in Rio 2016.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn she was the winner of the 100m hurdles event with a new Olympic record.

Four years ago, the tennis player Mónica Puig was the champion of individual tennis.

Tokyo 2020Rio 2016
Total: 1Overall rank: 61Total 1Overall rank: 54
Jasmine Camacho-Quinn

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn was the champion of the 100m hurdles race.

11 empty handed

The Latin American nations that have not won any medals at Tokyo 2020 are 11: Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Those same countries left empty-handed at Rio 2016.

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