Tom Cruise’s curious tradition with coconut cakes for Christmas: now the lucky one was an English journalist

The act Tom Cruise has a tradition of sending a coconut and white chocolate cake to his friends every Christmas.

Tom Cruise is an actor as famous for his memorable roles on the big screen as he is for his off-screen eccentricities, and this Christmas he made headlines again on account of a strange and curious personal tradition that he carries out every December and that this year involved an English journalist.

It turns out that every Christmas, Cruise sends $ 50 coconut and white chocolate cakes to his closest friends. Kirsten Dunst, Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, Jimmy Fallon, Graham Norton and many other high profile figures are given a cake, lovingly crafted by Doan’s Bakery in California and shipped by Cruise staff. But a year ago Stuart Heritage, a Guardian journalist, embarked on a campaign to receive one of these exclusive gifts as well.

It all started when Heritage wrote a note last year about Cruise’s quirky lore.

In it he said that this tradition began when Cruise first encountered the cake thanks to a competition between Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes they had to find the best cake. Cruise tried Keaton’s offer and was immediately transformed. This miracle cake has to be shared, he thought, and spent several years sending hundreds of them to famous people around the world.

Tom Cruise coconut cake white chocolate donuts bakery

By then Cruise and Holmes were married and although their love story ended in a sad divorce, the cake survived, and so did the tradition. According to Diane Keaton herself, every year she receives a cake from Cruise, to the point that her family has nicknamed it The Cruise Cake.

Recently the actor, who is embarking on an intense filming of three new installments of the Mission Impossible saga, gave cakes to the entire cast of the films which he had brought in on his private jet. A means of address that Heritage believes, or wants to believe, was also used to deliver your cake.

“To Stuart Heritage, my best wishes to you this Christmas season, Tom Cruise”, says the message that arrived in the box and was shared by the British journalist.

“At first, I was hesitant to open the box, because the rational response to such unpleasant behavior as mine would have been to put a spring-loaded custard pie inside, perhaps one sprinkled with anthrax. But then the smell hit me. Oh God, the wonderful smell ”, describes Stuart in a blog where he told about his gift.

Stuart described the cake as “really delicious” and with a “perfectly light and damp” sponge, something that surprised him as he had to travel several hours and kilometers to reach his hands.

“This is a soft, silky, luxurious thing, so incredibly rich it almost defies description. Is it the best cake I have ever eaten? Quite possibly. And look at me, for crying out loud. I clearly know my way around a cakeHeritage writes.

The journalist remembers that in his campaign to obtain the coveted dessert he repeatedly wrote to Cruise on social networks, joking and annoying that he would not be able to send him a cake.

tom cruise cake
Heritage with her Tom Cruise gifts. Photograph: Courtesy of Stuart Heritage

In one such post, when Cruise made headlines for eating two identical curries in a row in Birmingham, he wrote: “If you had the courage, you would send me two.”

And well, it seems that it worked because indeed the journalist received his two cakes. “Side by side, delivered at the same time, like a baller”, He said.

With this Heritage gift, he became one of the lucky list that Tom Cruise receives a little Christmas spirit every December, a list that according to the celebrities who make it up becomes a tradition. We will see how long this journalist lasts in it.


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