Tom Hanks auctions an Italian heirloom for donations

Tom Hanks, famous Hollywood actor, has a large collection of classic Italian cars that are now considered relics. These luxuries are the result of his efforts as an actor and his long artistic career.

However, the actor is not presumed to be an absolute materialist. On the contrary, he shows that he too can follow an altruistic philosophy and decided to auction off one of his cars to support good causes.

It’s about a fiat 128 coupemanufactured in 1975, which in addition to having a great value for car collectors, since it falls into the category of classics, it increases by having belonged to a Hollywood celebrity.

This is the sixth car that Tom Hanks auctions

Tom Hanks and the auctioned car. Tom Hanks receiving the award for Philadelphia.

This is not the first time that the actor Tom Hanks decides to auction one of his incredible cars, so far this is the sixth he has auctioned and sold for the amount of $24,375.

This green car was used in the movie “The Post” in 2017, but was changed to yellow. At the end, it returned to the actor’s favorite color.

But it turns out he’s not the only one, he also auctioned off his Ainstream brand RV, a Ford F-450 pickup, a 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser, a 2015 Tesla S P895D and another classic Fiat, the 126d. Learn more about the actor’s activities at AmericanPost.News.

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For which movie did Tom Hanks get his first Oscar nomination?

Tom Hanks receiving the award for Philadelphia.

It is good that despite the fame of the famous actor Tom Hanks he still maintains humility and takes advantage of every opportunity to help those most in need. With a long career, he has filmed many films, so we will tell you what his first nomination was at the Oscar Awards.

This nomination was thanks to his role in the movie called “You shall not kill… the neighbor” in 1989. But that is not all, the first Oscar he won was for his role in the movie “Philadelphia” in 1993, followed by a second. award for acting as “Forrest Gump” in 1994.

Luckily we will still have more of Tom Hanks, now the live-action of Pinocchio is about to be released.

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