Tom Hanks breaks into a wedding to give the surprise of their lives to two newlyweds

The couple formed by two women called December and Tashia had an even more special wedding than the one they both had planned, thanks to the unexpected irruption of Tom Hanks, who did not hesitate approach the wedding ceremony that took place on a California beach to congratulate the contracting parties and, incidentally, posing for all the photos that the astonished attendees wanted to take of him as soon as they noticed his presence.

The excited brides revealed to the morning show ‘Today’ that the Hollywood star happened to be on the same beach, just a few meters from them, and that he was charming to everyone and each of those present, something understandable considering that Tom invited himself to the event.

“We were gathering the whole family, and the next thing that happened is that Tom Hanks walks through the whole crowd and he says, ‘Hey, I had to stop and see these beautiful girlfriends,’ ”they recounted.

For Tashia and December, Hanks’s appearance, his sympathy, and his kindness were the “cherry on the cake” of a clearly unforgettable day.

He asked for a photo. He said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies he has ever witnessed, he stayed for about five minutes and gave us a good positive talk. It was very good ”, they said.

In addition, already in conversation with the Fox News channel, the newlyweds pointed out that the actor’s presence seemed predestined, since he could have chosen to enjoy his day outdoors in another of the innumerable beaches that the state of California has.

The most emotional anecdote of this fact comes from the conversation that December and Tom Hanks had about the young woman’s brother, who died in 2017 and whose photo was located in one of the first chairs of the ceremony.

The artist assured December that he shared the same birthday with his brother, July 9.

It is not the first time Tom breaks into a wedding. In September 2016, she surprised a newlywed couple who were in the middle of a photoshoot in New York City’s Central Park. He posed with them and his photos also went viral.

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