Tom Hardy surprises by participating and being champion in a martial arts tournament

Tom Hardy He surprised everyone by triumphing in the open Jiu-jitsu championship, the martial arts tournament in Milton Keynes, a small English town in the county of Buckinghamshire. As reported by The Guardian, the 47-year-old performer came forward spontaneously Saturday in the gymnasium of the Oakgrove School where the championship in question was taking place and he signed up with his full name, Thomas Edward Hardy.

As the tournament progressed, the actor was beating his opponents until he became champion.. According to the testimony of one of the organizers of the event, Hardy “was very nice.” “Everyone recognized him, but he was very humble and happy to take time to take pictures with people,” he added. Likewise, another source stated that “it was a pleasure to have him in the competition.”


In the close semifinal instance, Tom Hardy dueled with the veteran Danny Appleby, who also gave statements to the press at the end of the competition. “He is a very kind person, I was surprised when he appeared,” he expanded, thus confirming that the actor attended the event without prior announcement. “When I saw him, he told me: ‘Forget who I am and do what you normally do.’ He is a very strong man, you can’t think of him as a celebrity, I did six tournaments and I was on the podium every time, but he was the most difficult competitor I had”, stated Appleby, who assured that Hardy is up to Bane, a character he played in ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’.

Although the star’s presence in Milton Keynes was a surprise, Hardy had previously appeared at a Jiu-jitsu tournament in Wolverhampton, where he was also champion last August.