Toni Costa dances Zumba with Meli Espinoza, and they say that the Chilean looks like Adamari López as a young man

Toni Costa and Adamari López could have new romantic partners.
Toni Costa and Adamari López could have new romantic partners.

Toni Costa and Adamari López are no longer a couple. She is now romantically linked with Nacho Lozano, her partner in Hoy Día. But her ex seems to be not lagging behind. And now Toni has also been linked with another woman and they say that in addition to being younger, she is very beautiful. They link Spanish to Meli espinoza, who appears to be her friend and partner as a Zumba instructor.

Through Instagram, Toni shared this video with the following message: “I’m going here !!!! Along with the hard from Chile @meliespinozaofficial, do you dare to dance like us? @marcanthony hard ”.

For her part, this blonde beauty has also left a message on her Instagram next to the same video dancing with Toni. And about it she says: “HOT TRACK🔥🔥🔥junto al maximum de la vida @toni”.

In Toni’s publication, her fans admire Meli Espinoza’s skill as a dancer, while others say that she looks a lot like her ex, Adamari López. They assure that she is the young version of Alaïa’s mother: “That girl looks like young Adamaris,” said the admirer of Toni. Toni fans recognize him as a fighter, a good man, a hard worker and a good father. “This skinny guy doesn’t give up, I love a warrior.”

Adamari, for her part, is also giving a lot to talk about, because in recent days Telemundo viewers have been able to see a rapprochement between her and Nacho Lozano, her partner on Telemundo. Even though many say that he already has a partner, that he is not a single man. Some support the “couple” they apparently make. While others still don’t believe it.

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