Toni Costa fell into depression because of all the rumors that fell on him and says: “I have never been with a man”

Niurka Marcos was in charge of getting Toni Costa out. The Cuban has become “the best entertainment journalist”, after getting the Spanish to talk about everything about her, with her and openly in front of all the members of La Casa de los Famosos. Toni spoke openly about her separation from Adamari López and also gave details, opened her heart and shared her emotions. He said that she put an end to her life as a couple and for this reason he left home, since that property never belonged to him.

Toni Costa also confirmed that the end of the relationship plus all the rumors that fell on him led to depression. since many

“I’ve never been with a man, I’ve always had girlfriends, but ‘since he’s a dancer’ they look for the macabre story, the culprit…. I was very jodi…, the grayest moment of my life is those months”.