Toni Costa is told “introduce your girlfriend without fear of success”

Tony Costa

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Toni Costa has been told to introduce his girlfriend. For a few months it has been rumored that the Spanish dancer has a romantic relationship with Evelyn Beltrán.

In the most recent Instagram post made by the former partner of Adamari López and father of little Alaïa, he wrote: “Whoever judges my path, I lend my shoes.” In the image, Toni Costa stands out on a white background, wearing a fairly urban outfit.

In the comments that have been left on this publication, one of his followers wrote: “Already introduce your girlfriend without fear of success.”

A few days ago Toni Costa was seen in the stories of his Instagram account singing the song “Eres tú”, by Reik and Matisse. That same song was the one that accompanied a publication that Evelyn Beltrán made on her Instagram account from the city of Miami.

“I like this song,” Costa said in one story and wrote in the next: “Romance mode on.”

In Evelyn Beltrán’s publication set to music with this song, Toni Costa left her like. The city of Miami is highlighted during that video and in the accompanying text.

This possible visit by Beltrán to the city would coincide with Valentine’s Day, also known as the Day of love and friendship.

That date, Toni Costa celebrated it especially with Alaïa, the daughter he has with Adamari López.

“Happy Valentine’s Day with my eternal love, my daughter @alaia. May love, good friendship, mutual respect and happiness always prevail on this special day, above all be happy, because after all, each one of us lives in the way that makes us happy, that fills us and adds us together, my motto is “be happy to make those around you happy”. I love you family,” she wrote.

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