Toño Mauri: A 28-year-old was the one who donated his lungs

Toño Mauri is getting closer to fulfilling the dream of meeting the family of who donated what today are his two new lungs.

The one who saved his life is a 28-year-old Latino… This was revealed by the actor himself in the Azteca TV show ‘Venga La Alegría’.

In an interview with the morning show, Mauri said that every day he is closer to meeting the family of whom he calls ‘my angel’, because it ensures that you feel their presence and care. It is no wonder, thanks to the generosity of the young man and his family, he was born again a year ago.

I have to write a letter addressed to the family, and hope that if they agree, this meeting can exist … I ask God to give me that illusion… The only thing I know is that it was a 28-year-old boy, a very young person who donated his lungs to me and it is a family of Hispanic origin. Somehow I feel that there is a relationship that can exist, and I would love to reach out to that family and say thank you“, Toño Mauri told the show.

Let us remember that since he received the transplant his greatest dream was that. Something that he manifested a few days ago when he celebrated his first year of his new life.

I want to thank this person who donated his lungs to me, because thanks to that person and thanks to God I am here and I feel that he is an angel who accompanies me who is with me, I feel a lot for his family, but From today on I can look for the donor’s family, get to know him and have the possibility to thank someone, because this is an act of love“She said at that party surrounded by friends and family.

This is not the only illusion with which the year Toño ends, because as we tell you, on these special dates he received the news that he will be a grandfather in 2022. her daughter Carla and her husband Pablo Fernández are expecting their first child.



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