Toño Mauri ruled out Luis Miguel’s bankruptcy and stated that “he is another person”

Mauri has been a great friend of Luis Miguel for decades (Photos: Instagram @z.baldo / @lmxlm)

Luis Miguel repositioned himself in the public conversation after the magazine TVNotes published that the singer had allegedly suffered an injury to his shoulder, which did not progress favorably and even “his arm was becoming gangrenous”, for which he was at risk of losing said limb.

In addition, the publication assured that the popular singer had spent in excess all the money he had obtained with Luis Miguel: The series so presumably he was in serious financial trouble and even “bankrupt”.

In this regard, it was his friend Toño Mauri, who is the brother-in-law of Miguel Alemán Magnani – a close friend of Luis Miguel – whohe lied said information to the best of his knowledge, and that people who are close to Sun they would be keeping it afloat:

“I don’t think (that he is bankrupt), he has a team, very interesting, solid, I don’t think he has that situation, as far as I know, personally, he is not in that situation. I hope not, because obviously he has done a great job with everything that has come through the series, the tour he had was a very successful tour”, he told the program the sun rises

(Capture: @luismiguelcoka/Instagram)
Luis Miguel Coka is an admirer of the singer, who at his young age aspires to be an interpreter. He recently captured Luis Miguel at a concert, and according to the image, he was not fractured (Capture: @luismiguelcoka/Instagram)

On the state of health of the singer of Mexico on the skin, Mauri said he did not know anything about the alleged fracture that Luis Miguel would have suffered, although he did reveal that Miki continue with plans to return to the music scene very soon, for which he is already working on a new record production.

“As far as I know, I didn’t know, I don’t have a record (that he told him) ‘I have a problem with my arm’, never… What I do know is that he is very motivated, he is looking for songs, man! It is Luis Miguel , what we want is for more things to come out, especially music, the last time we saw each other was in one… it’s that they are talks that you don’t talk about work or… you take advantage of the fact that they are few and good, and you spend more time talking about personal situations and jokes, he is very nice, when you talk with him he is very nice”.

Toño Mauri - Luis Miguel
Mauri assured that Luis Miguel is already working on a new record production (Photos: Instagram @ miabarajas12 / @ miabarajas12)

The actor, who also serves as a producer in the biographical series of Miguel Bosé, could not be sure if Luis Miguel had already agreed to vaccination to reduce the risk of serious infection by COVID-19, and said that the last time he met the famous singer and they talked about anecdotes from their childhood.

“I hope. The truth is incredible. I have talked with people who have not been vaccinated, I respect them a lot because I do not interfere, I am not the one who wants to change the world. The last time I saw Luis Miguel I still didn’t get sick, I was still fine and we saw each other here in Miami, we saw each other in a bar, my brother-in-law (Miguel Alemán Magnani), he and I, and we talked for a long time, we were like an hour and we talked about things that happened to us when we were kids”, counted.

Miguel Alemán Magnani and Luis Miguel (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Miguel Alemán Magnani is a great friend of Luis Miguel, and brother-in-law of Toño Mauri (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Toño Mauri uncovered that Luis Miguel has become a very spiritual person, when asked if the interpreter “is a person close to God”, Toño assured:

“I think so, in his own way, in his way of being (…) and because he gave a lot of meaning to his rosary, I think that, like everyone else, circumstances make you more sensitive and open your eyes and realize that many things. I can tell you that the Luis Miguel of right now is not the one from 10 years ago, he is another person, and it is part of maturity, part of the learning that life gives you, I do think he is a person who has changed a lot, yes, definitely yes, “he concluded.


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