Karol G’s sensual Instagram posts heat up 2022

"Get a sneak peek at Karol G's most popular Instagram posts of 2022. The Colombian singer's sensual photos set social media ablaze, racking up millions of likes each. From a tantalizing nude birthday photo to a sultry bedroom shot, these images showcase Karol G's stunning beauty and captivating presence.

This year 2022, Karol G was one of the artists who received the most ‘likes’ on social networks. Every time the singer, born in Medellin, Colombia, appeared on her Instagram account, she captivated thousands and thousands of her followers, almost always overflowing with sensuality.

The Colombian singer posted many photos, but some of them stood out above the rest, and here we share them with you:

One of Karol G’s posts that set Instagram on fire was when she appeared, on her birthday, posing nude from the sea. With her long hair in blue color, the Colombian got more than 11 million likes with these sensual photos in which she looked just as she came into the world.

“Photos of me in the sea, my favorite place, trying to hide the obvious, the natural, the perfect, celebrating life, blessings, and the magic of being able to fulfill dreams,” she said on that occasion.

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Another of those images with which the Colombian generated hundreds of sighs was when she wore a tiny black bikini and posed with her back turned, leaving her rear in sight. In this series of photos, she also showed off her flat abdomen by pulling up her thong. In the text, she wrote a phrase from her song ‘Provenza,’ which was very popular in 2022.

With this, she got more than 8 million ‘likes’.

The third image was when she appeared on a luxurious hotel bed, covering part of her body without clothes with a sheet and leaving some curves uncovered. “So nice to have you here (Que rico que estuvieras aqui),” said the Colombian reggaeton singer. With this image she got more than 7.7 million likes.