Top 5 Work From Home Jobs for Retirees in the US

It is possible to be retired and generate extra income without dying trying. There are some work-from-home options that may appeal to many people who are living or close to living the golden dream of retirement.

1. Virtual assistant

For example, the virtual assistant home office job offers the possibility of helping other co-workers with their office tasks without having to go to the office.

Some companies, like Belay, work as third-party vendors to work as an independent contractor and take on tasks of your choosing. For this position it is essential have good communication skills, have a computer, smartphone and internet access.

2. Transcriptionist

It is another job that can be ideal. This position consists of transcribing audio files into Word documents. For it you must be detail-oriented, have impeccable spelling and grammar. Several companies offer full time or part time. In some cases there is flexibility of schedules.

3. Customer Service Representative

There are several companies that have decided to decentralize their call centers and give their representatives the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. This helps them save on general expenses and their employees to save time in their commutes to the office.

To be able to perform in this job it is required to have a high-speed connection and a landline phone. There are companies that hire directly, while others, like Sykes, subcontract to companies that need staff.

4. Crafts vendor

Thanks to the internet it is not necessary to invest a large sum of money to set up a shop and sell handicrafts. With $100 dollars you can start your own business. There are platforms like Etsy where you can create your crafts and sell them around for a fee. If you have a talent for creating manual crafts, this option could be the one for you.

5. Business consultant

If you have had a career in business administration, finance, accounting or marketing, you can continue to pursue it by creating a business consultancy. The experience and knowledge acquired over a long time can be valuable to someone who is just starting out in entrepreneurship or has a company in its early stages of growth.

Although there are other options to work, these are some that can help you take the first step.

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