Top 6 AI Tools That Will Transform Your Essay Writing and Boost Academic Performance

Explore AI's role in education: tools for essay creation, outlining, proofreading, and avoiding detection in academic submissions.

With the invention of AI services writing essays became easier. Students can use them to rewrite and improve texts, generate essay outlines, and even write complete essays just by listing the essay requirements. In this article, we want to share various machine-learning tools you can use for your essay, research paper, and other writing assignments.

What Professors Think about Student Use of AI Tools

Educational experts and professors agree that they can’t prohibit the usage of AI. They understand that students will use it for their educational and non-educational needs. However, some professors recommend not solely relying on AI tools as they may decrease students’ critical thinking skills and their writing skills abilities. Experts insist on the clever use of these tools, not replacing initial intellectual work with automated decisions.

Before we proceed to AI tools, be aware that your teacher or professor may use AI detection tools to check whether your essay was written by you or by a machine learning system. Typical patterns and words may be detected even if the received text looks like a human text. We recommend you use one of the AI essay detector tools before submitting your generated essay and ensure it looks human-like.

This AI has a free plan with limited characters each month and may become your helper with creating outlines and writing essay parts on various topics. You can input the desired tone, creativity level, and essay requirements. Consider that the received text may need some improvements, as the offered word patterns won’t impress you and your professor.

Here is a screenshot of how the AI has approached an essay topic about using Facebook in learning and teaching.

Rytr screenshot

Also, you can experiment with the suggestions for the essay outline. The offers subtitles for paragraphs and a short description of what you write about.

Essay writing in Rytr


If you are searching for AI with more tools, you can test TinyWow. It can write you a complete essay, paragraph, summarize the content, fix grammar, and more. The application allows you to specify the number of paragraphs and educational level and set the required topic for the essay to get the best result. In fact, the output quality was a bit poorly written compared to, but it still can be used as a fishbone for your essay. If you add something from yourself and a works cited list, the professor may approve it.

TinyWow screenshot


This AI service allows you to use generation options 15 times per month. While it doesn’t offer writing the complete text, you can utilize it for outlining and introductions. For example, input the essay topic and write a thesis statement to ask the AI to create an outline. Combine several outline generators to get more ideas for your essay and better results.

Also interesting:

HYperWrite screenshot


For this AI, we can say, “The old is gold.” A free tool that may become a treasure if you input the proper requests. While the knowledge base is limited in time, you won’t receive responses to the latest news and inventions, but still ChatGPT may help you a lot. With its help, you can ask for topic suggestions, scholarly resources for referencing, essay outlines, and text generation. For example, we have asked to generate references for the essay on a particular topic.

ChatGPT screenshot

Also, you can use this AI to summarize extensive articles to get the main ideas and quickly understand the content. Use the prompt “Summarize the text below and give me a list of bullet points with main ideas.”

Moreover, you can use it as a quick editor for your draft and fix the main mistakes. Use a variation of the following phrase “Proofread and edit the text below. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes. Make suggestions for improvements.”


One of the best AI grammar checkers is Grammarly. Even with a free account, you can get help with grammar and spelling mistakes just with a few clicks of your mouse. Paid versions may help you improve your writing style and give you suggestions on the paper’s quality. Moreover, the service offers a built-in application for Microsoft Word, browsers, and others.


We have tested various writing AI tools, and Jenni is one of the working tools for creating outlines and essay drafts. This tool can incorporate citations into the document and help you build great essay outlines. But remember that Copyleaks has identified the text as the AI content so you can use it as an idea generator for your essay.

Jenni AI screenshot

Tips to Use AI Tools for Essay Writing

Writing an essay with AI is an intelligent way to get quick answers to your questions and build a roadmap for your future essay. Here are some recommendations for using these opportunities wisely:

  • Always check the facts the AI inputs in the text. Double-check citations and the literary resources offered to ensure everything is accurate and corresponds to the initial idea.
  • If you use the AI for text rewriting or citation generation, make sure the AI utilizes the correct style guide recommendations. Provide the AI with additional instructions to get more accurate results.
  • Rewrite the received text and expand the ideas offered by the AI to get a better quality essay and reduce the possibility for the professor to detect that you have used an AI.
  • Experiment with different commands and consider the limitations of the AI tools. For example, you can ask the AI to explain complex ideas in simple words to understand them faster.
  • Always check the professor’s requirements and the received essay draft to ensure all points are followed and format the text in the required format.

Wrapping Up

All the tools in the article can serve various purposes in your essay writing and make the research process more accessible and enjoyable. Use the tips provided and your critical thinking skills to make your interaction with the AI more fruitful and write your essays faster.