Top Stocks That Are Worth Considering By Traders And Investors Before The Year Ends

Moving towards the end of 2022, many investors continue to count losses following the stock market’s collapse.  Indeed, 2022 has been a difficult year for new and seasoned investors. Inflation in the United States and the continuing Russian aggression against Ukraine dealt the world economies a devastating blow. Major stock exchanges such as London, New York, and NASDAQ experienced unprecedented share price decline resulting in a dip in their respective price indices.

However, there are signs that the worst is over, and some light is at the end of the tunnel. Most economies are going through the last stages of the trough. Thus, United States Steel Corp, Azenta Inc. Parkland Fuels, and Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. are quickly becoming the next investment frontiers.

In a nutshell, it is apparent that the burst that will lead to share price increases has begun. So if you are a stock investor, it is time to find blue-chip companies whose stocks you can buy. However, it is vital that you research, analyze and check if the stocks fit your portfolio. But if you need to learn how to do that, do not fret since most of us have done the donkey work for you. Here are top stocks to buy.

United States Steel Corp

The United States Steel Corp is a company that manufactures high-value steel products such as XG3, which are used to manufacture lightweight vehicles, energy containers, and automaker products. It is also used in packaging industries in central Europe and US. The company emphasizes innovation and has a steel-making capability of 22.4 million tons annually.

United States steel is thus a leading steel manufacturer In North America. The company has a market capitalization of 4.7 Billion with a profit-earnings ratio of 1.1. Presently, its shares trade at $19.68.

Azenta Inc.

It is a life sciences company specializing in Biotechnology and medical research. Azenta Inc. provides genomic and sample management services. Also, it engages in drug development, clinical trials, and material storage. Azenta Inc. offers services to various customers, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life research institutions.

The company’s market capitalization is $3.4 Billion while the share price is $45.92and has a profit-to-earnings ratio of $1.6. Azenta Inc. reported increased revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2022 due to the 3.1% expansion in its operations. Also, revenue from life science services increased despite declining revenue from life sciences products. By and large, Azenta Inc. has excellent financial metrics that make it a top company for investment consideration.


Nexergy holding PLC is a public limited company based in the UK. It has its headquarters at 205 Lavender Hill, London. The company deals in both renewable and fossil fuels and is at the forefront as far as innovative technology is concerned.

Soon, the company will be listed on the AIM Market stock exchange and has diversified its activities into Swedish renewable energy. Note that the companies’ stocks are priced at $0.45£ and have remarkable annual growth.

Parkland Fuels

It is the largest fuel supplier in the Caribbean and Canadian markets. The company deals in fuel and petroleum products. Also, Parkland Fuels supplies petroleum products in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Its shareholders will receive $1.30 per share as dividends by the end of 2022. As such, the company’s future looks bright, and its share is priced at $28.42. Meanwhile, it is a leading fuel company with a $4.44 billion CAD market capitalization.

Thus the company drives economies and powers industries in Canada, the Caribbean, and United States.

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

It is a fast-rolled steel company in the US with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The company specializes in mining raw materials, beneficiation, pelletizing, making steel, and finishing steel products. Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. operates in 68 facilities and employs over 27,000 people.  It has a market capitalization of US $6.96B, with shares trading at US $13.45.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many other companies you may consider buying shares from, United States Steel Corp, Azenta Inc., NEXERGY HOLDING PLC, Parkland Fuels, and Cleveland-Cliffs Inc are top considerations. These are companies in the oil and steel industries with a billion-plus market capitalization. An assessment of the company’s share price is relatively low after they were impacted by a high inflation rate and slowed economic activities. However, the prices have started rising, meaning that anyone investing in them can never go wrong.