Topless, Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina leaves only a minimal thong and says she’s not a stripper!

Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina.

Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina.

Photo: Angela Weiss. /Getty Images

The sister of Cardi-B, Caroline Hennessy, is as famous as the rapper herself. She herself organizes quite “hot” parties, where most of the attendees are women who go to see the explosive New Yorker. same that she took advantage of stay topless and wear only minimal dental floss to say that she is not a stripper.

Apparently, many of the netizens and followers of Caroline Hennessythe spoiled sister of Cardi-B, they have been asking her incessantly if she is a stripper. In many of the parties that she makes of her, where she is the star, she is seen dancing sensually and with minimal clothes. But this is for pleasure and for the good vibes and joy with which Hennessy Carolina always walks. The truth is that very removed from grief, she covered her breasts only with the braids of her hair and left a tiny pink thong to say that she was not a stripper.

He also covered his face with a balaclava, but exposing a large part of his body. Undoubtedly, Caroline Hennessy She is one of the sexiest women New York. His sister recently Cardi-B finally unveiled her baby’s face in what would be her first photos with the other children of Offset and of course the little culture which is her aunt’s favourite.

For a time, Cardi-B He kept his son’s face anonymous. In fact, the news that she was pregnant revealed it when the pregnancy was quite advanced. Unlike Caroline Hennessy, Cardi B prefers to maintain the privacy of the home or at least during the first months of their children’s lives. The truth is that this family always attracts attention on social networks and even more so when it comes to the explosive attributes of the little sisters of Dominican origin.

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