Toyota will create a lunar exploration vehicle… And it is only the beginning

The car manufacturing company Toyota is working in partnership with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in creating a vehicle capable of navigating deep within the Moon, according to an AP report.

The vehicle is the first step in the company’s expectations of promoting the colonization of the Earth’s natural satellite from 2040, and therefore the idea is conceived to facilitate certain activities in cars.

Takao Sato, who leads the project at Toyota Motor Corp, told the AP that the company sees “space as an area for once-in-a-lifetime transformation.” By going into space, we might be able to develop telecommunications and other technologies that will be valuable to human life.”

Toyota’s space vehicle will be called Lunar Cruiser

The Lunar Cruiser should be launched into space by the end of this decade. The Japanese space agency has its own lunar research program.

According to the information agency, Toyota decided to pay tribute to its car from the ‘earthling’ line landcruiser and exchanged the word Land for a more appropriate one. The Lunar Cruiser it is planned to be released later this decade.

the robotics company Gitai Japan Inc.. was also associated with Toyota to develop a mechanical arm that has a “grab attachment” and will help the Lunar Cruiser perform tasks that involve lifting or picking up objects.

Company officials also clarified that beyond the moon, they plan for people to live on Mars. “Sending our cars to the moon is our mission,” Sato said. “But this is about taking our cars to a place we’ve never been.”

Japan wants to go to the moon

The Japanese space agency has its own lunar research program.

In recent years, Japan has shown a special interest in reaching the Moon. JAXA announced last May that it has plans to put a Transformable Lunar Robot on the satellite, with the goal of learning a little more about it.

Toyota, for its part, has seen the paradigm shift away from fossil fuel use as a chance to expand its business, and has dabbled in sustainable housing, jets and robots before announcing plans to create a moon car. AmericanPost.News.

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