Tragedy at El Estadio nightclub next to Apaseo el Grande: attack in Guanajuato leaves eight dead and seven injured

Eight dead and seven injured in a violent attack at El Estadio nightclub in Guanajuato. State and federal authorities are investigating the tragedy and offering support to families of the victims.

An armed attack inside the nightclub “El Estadio” left several people injured and several dead. Initial reports indicate that at least eight people are dead and seven injured, five of whom are seriously ill.

One of the dead bodies was left lying on the dirt road next to the establishment.

The event took place shortly after 23:00 hours on Saturday when the attack was reported at the nightclub located next to the Celaya-Apaseo el Grande Pan-American Highway, near the La Labor neighborhood.

“In the event, 8 people died, 2 of them women and 6 men; 7 people were injured, 6 of them men and one woman; unidentified so far,” the official report from the State Attorney General’s Office said.

A commando arrived at the establishment and opened fire on those present. PHOTO: Special
A commando arrived at the establishment and opened fire on those present. PHOTO: Special

Unofficially it is known that a commando arrived at the establishment and shot at the assistants and employees, and then escaped.

Federal, state, and municipal agents carried out an operation at the place while criminal experts were processing the scene.

Relatives of the victims arrived at the site, while some witnesses made the first statements of what happened.

“Investigations are ongoing for clarification, and as investigations allow, progress will be announced,” the prosecutor’s office said in its official report.

While there has been no comment from the municipal government, the Government of the State of Guanajuato issued a statement in which it regrets the facts.

“It is collaborating with the State Attorney General’s Office through security institutions to find those responsible and will remain close to the families of those affected. So far we have the report that six men and two women died at the scene of the incident”.

It is also reported that security has been reinforced in the Laja-Bajío area with elements of the different security corporations.