Tragic loss of young musical talent in Peru as Kevin Pedraza dies in a motorcycle accident

Peruvian singer Kevin Pedraza's death in a motorcycle crash shocks fans. Girlfriend Keila Jhanina mourns the loss on social media.

Kevin Pedraza died on August 16 at 19 in a traffic accident when a truck hit him while riding his motorcycle in Peru. The news in Peru is shocked by the tragic death of Kevin Pedraza, the singer of ‘Kevin Pedraza & La Auténtica Pasión,’ a group from Chiclayo, Peru.

According to local media, Kevin Pedraza died in the hospital, where he was taken after a traffic accident on his way home from the university.

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Kevin Pedraza, singer (@Kevinpg181203 / Facebook).

We tell you who Kevin Pedraza was, the young singer from Peru who died at 19.

Kevin Pedraza, the 19-year-old singer, died in a motorcycle accident.

Chiclayo, Peru, is mourning the death of a young musical promise, Kevin Pedraza, the vocalist of a local group called ‘Kevin Pedraza & La Auténtica Pasión”.

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Group Kevin Pedraza & La Auténtica Pasión (La autentica pasion / Facebook).

Through local media, alarms were set off by sharing that Kevin Pedraza was in serious condition in the hospital due to a motorcycle accident that left him with:

  • Severe traumatic brain injury
  • Multisystemic trauma
  • Aspirative pneumonia
  • Wrist and tibia fracture

During the time Kevin Pedraza was in the hospital alive, his family was informed that he would have to be intubated. He later died.

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Kevin Pedraza’s family confirms his death (La Autentica Pasion / Facebook)

Apparently, Kevin Pedraza’s accident was serious, as his father detailed that he was hit by a cargo truck, although not one of the biggest ones.

On the other hand, he asked for justice because the truck driver was drunk.

It should be noted that Kevin Pedraza was wearing a helmet and was leaving the Technological University of Peru, where he was studying Accounting.

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Kevin Pedraza, singer (La autentica pasion / Facebook)

Kevin Pedraza’s girlfriend says goodbye to her “little angel” and shows part of his funeral.

Keila Jhanina, Kevin Pedraza‘s girlfriend of two years, shared the farewell to her boyfriend, calling him “my little angel”, besides showing part of the heartbreaking funeral.

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Kevin Pedraza with his girlfriend Keila Jhanina (@jhanina_tocto_pariah / Instagram).

Through her social networks, Keila -whose age is unknown-shared from the first instant the request for a prayer chain for Kevin Pedraza.

Then she shared shattered the confirmation of the death of her boyfriend with this message:

“My life you left you left a void in my heart, daddy god take care of him a lot, take care of me from heaven, I miss you, not you my love”.

Kevin Pedraza’s girlfriend.
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Kevin Pedraza’s girlfriend says goodbye to her “little angel.” (keilajhaninatoctop24 / Facebook)

She also revealed part of the painful funeral of Kevin Pedraza, where family members are seen clinging to the box where the body of the young musician is.

“It is something hard to believe that you left me my life, take care of me very much, it is hard for me to assimilate all this, it is a pain that cannot be expressed. Take care of me my little angel”.

Kevin Pedraza’s girlfriend
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Kevin Pedraza’s girlfriend shows part of his funeral. (@jhanina_tocto_pariah / Instagram)

Notably, part of the wake was shared by the same group, ‘Kevin Pedraza & La Auténtica Pasión,’ in their social networks.

Who was Kevin Pedraza? This is what is known about the promising singer of Peru

Kevin Pedraza died at 19 years of age in a motorcycle accident that shattered a part of Peru, but who was he?

Singer Kevin Pedraza was a resident of Chiclayo, a city in Lambayeque, located in northeastern Peru.

Although Kevin Pedraza was a singer since his childhood and had his own group, to which his father also belonged, he was also studying the second semester of Accounting at the Technological University of Peru (UTP).

In his social networks, the singer shared some cover songs played with guitar by himself, in addition to the repertoire he had with his group:

  • El que nunca te olvida
  • Culpable de mi destino
  • Canto a mi padre
  • La otra
  • Volver a vivir
  • La tóxica
  • Ojos claros
  • Lejos de mi hogar
  • Cariñito
  • Trago amargo

Some of Kevin Pedraza’s songs played in san juanera music already included professional videos.

With information from ‘El Peña Producciones’, ‘Trome’.