Train to Machu Picchu canceled its services due to protests by Peruvians

The PeruRail and Inca Rail companies that provide rail transport to Macchu Picchu located 70 kilometers from Cuscosuspended their services this Tuesday, April 19, after the blockade of the only road due to protests by Peruvians who have demonstrated for the food price.

And it is that, the protests began last Monday, April 18 after the march inflationbeing the highest in Peru in 26 years, which is why it has generated discontent in the inhabitants, who have demonstrated before the government of President Pedro Castillo.

At the beginning of this month of April we informed you in AmericanPost.News that Peru declared a state of emergency due to protests throughout the country due to the increase in food and fuel prices, as they have been blocking the roads.

They block the only railway to the Historic Sanctuary

Rail transport was canceled due to demonstrations Archaeological zone located in the province of Urubamba

The protesters blocked the only railway to go to one of the tourist places in Peru. For its part, the government indicated that food became more expensive due to global inflation and the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which have triggered fuel costs.

The regional manager of Tourism of Cusco, Rolando Mendoza, mentioned that the transportation of tourists from the airport to the center of the city of Cusco was guaranteed. The Cusco Chamber of Commerce calculated that it loses a million dollars every day with respect to the tourism sector due to the demonstrations.

What part of Peru is Machu Picchu?

Archaeological zone located in the province of Urubamba

The Historic Sanctuary is located in the province of Urubamba, Cusco Region, it is a cultural extension where there are also other archaeological sites that connect roads that lead to the Inca city, making it the magnet for tourism.

In 2019 it attracted 1.5 million visitors. It is worth mentioning that the citadel at 2,490 meters above sea level was built by the Incas in the fifteenth century; Machu Picchu is the most outstanding archaeological site for its urban design, as well as its architecture and fine stone work.

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