Transportation Commissioner declares war on reckless drivers in New York and asks Albany for help

Every 72 hours in New York City a pedestrian is killed. at the hands of reckless driversand daily they are registered more than 82 vehicle accidentsin facts that have painfully turned for several years into another pandemic, so serious like the COVID and gun violence.

This is revealed by official figures that show that so far in 2022, there have been 7,791 accidents and run overwho have left 29 bystanders and 2 cyclists killedlike 27 drivers without life, raising fatalities to 58, a figure not far from the homicide rates that between January and April have 98 cases. The injuries reported in road incidents are 684 bicyclists and 2,150 pedestrians.

And understanding that these types of fatalities, which are known to occur mostly at intersections and intersections throughout the Big Apple, are preventable, New York City has set a goal reduce this type of accidents and running overeducating users of cars, motorcycles and trucks on the importance of respecting speed limits, but also declaring war on irresponsible drivers.

This was made clear by the commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), ydanis rodriguezwho warned that his agency is taking measures at road intersections, such as the redesign and installation of more than 1,000 crossing systemsbecause the data of the incidents reveal that more than 50% of the running over, happen in the intersections.

“This is an epidemic in which we are talking about being run over. a city, where there are 65,000 accidents every year and thousands of those hit-and-runs suck the pretty lives out of great New Yorkers. For this reason, as a City we have to make reckless drivers pay for their actions and be held accountable, ”said Commissioner Rodríguez, in a meeting he held with ethnic media, moderated by the director of the Mayor’s Office of Ethnic and Community Media, Joseph Bayonne.

“We continue to maintain this commitment that we have with Mayor Eric Adamsto eradicate the high number of accidents (…) 50% of those who die, die at those intersections and 50% of them are elderlyRodriguez emphasized.

Zero tolerance with drivers

The DOT chief reiterated that the Adams Administration will have zero tolerance for irresponsible drivers, and was in favor of increasing penalties and more severe actions against those who put the lives of pedestrians and cyclists at risk.

“We will continue to seek to strengthen law enforcement in coordination with the NYPD and the DOT against these reckless drivers, because these accidents do not happen because New Yorkers are respecting the law, but rather the increase we see in people hit by vehicles, It is because of a driver who does not respect the law (…) We have seen that 70% of reckless drivers they are drunk or driving above the speed limits, or have expired licenses,” Rodríguez warned.

“Here the question is simple, it is about readers understanding how important it is to drive below the speed limit, in order to reduce the number of cyclists and pedestrians killed each day… And if someone does not want a fine, then drive below the speed limit. 25 miles per hour…and whoever says ‘Look, the City is giving out fines’, well I say: ‘my brother, I drove 25 miles. That way you will arrive safely at your place and you will not take anyone’s life‘” added the Commissioner.

They ask to pass laws in Albany

The former councilor also warned that beyond the commitment of the City and the investment they are making in the intersections, where even in some of them they are installing the so-called “lying police” (speed bumps), the State needs to do its part in the current budget discussions, to hand over control of the Big Apple’s roads and speed cameras to New York City so immediate action can be taken.

“Once again we need Albany to help us. There will be a decision from Albany in the next few days and we need them to pass the rule so that we have full control of everything related to speed cameras and automatic law enforcement, so that we can look at those areas where we need to increase actions, “said the official. of Dominican origin.

Rodriguez He said that if they achieve autonomy in the management of road issues, they would no longer depend on Albany, which currently does not leave on 24 hour speed cameras at intersections, where it is required to have them all the time, and it could be reviewed to reduce the speed allowed at such intersections.

“We have speed cameras, but by state law, they are turned off when most accidents happen, late at night or early morning,” the Commissioner said. “We want Albany to give the City all the power that has to do with regularizing where the cameras are placed. and the hours that the cameras will work, because we cannot let legislators from an agricultural place in the north of the State, who live perhaps in cities with 500 people, legislate for us.”

Rodríguez concluded by noting that the goal of both Mayor Adams and his is that there be no fatalities from hit-and-runs in New York and that intersections are “sacred and safe” places at all times.

“Drivers need to understand once and for all that if you drive over the speed limit, which is 25 miles per hour, if someone is in front of you and you have to stop, you’re not going to have time to react. But chances are if you go less than 25 miles and hit a pedestrian, that pedestrian will survive, but if the driver drives more than 35 miles, the chance that person will be injured or killed is higher. . We should expect everyone to drive 25 miles per hour,” the Commissioner said.

Accidents and run overs in New York City in numbers

  • 65,000 vehicular accidents occur annually in the city
  • 7,791 accidents and hit-and-runs have been recorded in NYC so far in 2022
  • 29 pedestrians have lost their lives
  • 2 dead cyclists
  • 27 lifeless motorized
  • 58 fatalities in total in said accidents
  • 684 cyclists have been injured this 2022
  • 2,150 pedestrians injured
  • 7,545 motorized injured
  • 10,379 total injuries in 2022
  • 50% of those killed in road accidents die at intersections
  • 50% of them are elderly