Trapped in the thickest loneliness: why Tom Hanks considers The Castaway a reflection of his life


Mid-80s: there are the first big steps of Tom Hanks in Hollywood, one of some minor participations, of few seconds in screen. I would like to be great, Partners and hounds, Single party Y Soul friends they were only some of the films -in the key of comedy- that placed him at the top. The list is endless. And it continues in the 90s, when for his dramatic work in Philadephia won his first Oscar as best actor. One year later (1994) starred Forrest Gump, which would earn him his second consecutive statuette. What came was Appolo Y You have an email, among other jobs.

With the entry into the 21st century, and when it seemed that all of his acting career had been seen, he took all the laurels for Shipwrecked, the movie that brought Hanks back to the big leagues. In much of the plot he did not have interlocutors – just a volleyball ball, the remembered one. Wilson– which drew acclaim from the public and critics alike.

However, as if it were really the two masks of the theater – the one that cries and the one that laughs, the drama and the comedy – that film exposed Hanks’ complex past. Shipwrecked It is about the life of a man who is stranded on a desert island. In addition to surviving and finding a way to return home, he must deal with absolute loneliness, seeking not to lose his sanity. “When they sent me the script, I thought they had chosen me because of my childhood,” the actor was sincere.


Nomadic life

Hanks was born on July 9, 1965 in California, United States. His mom, Janet marylyn, she was a nurse and her dad, Mefford hanks, Cook. Of four boys, Tom was the third; the united family ended within a few weeks after the younger brother was born. “My parents pioneered the dissolution of marriage law in the state of California. Their marriage lasted 11 years in that period they realized that they had absolutely nothing in common and they separated “, said the actor in an interview with the BBC.

After the breakup, their mom couldn’t support them. The three oldest moved in with their father, leaving the youngest – a newborn – in the care of his mother. Soon after, the man began a relationship with a waitress from California. The relationship was short-lived, and immediately another woman arrived at the new house. “We were never victims of any physical abuse, but we were confused because no one ever explained anything to us about what was happening,” Hanks explained, noting that in a period of five years they moved 10 times, living with two stepmothers.

The circumstance of going from one side to the other had to do with his father’s work, who could not achieve job stability. With the man out of the house most of the day, the three brothers practically grew up on their own. They lived immersed in a solitude from which it would not be so easy to get out, especially for Tom, who would end up being a homeless boy, raised by the rules of the street: “It was the freedom to dispose of my existence as I wanted. Nobody set rules for me ”.

In school, when he was barely 15 years old, he began to explore his facet as an actor, opening doors that would be difficult for him to close. And it is that he then started with an internal job that would take him to the first years of his life. This caused the torments of his sufferings to become recurrent.

File photo.  26th Actors Guild Awards Ceremony.  Los Angeles, California, United States, January 19, 2020. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson (Monica Almeida /)

However, it was that same vocation that allowed him to get ahead: “When I started acting I found the vocabulary of loneliness. I couldn’t find that vocabulary. At the age of 20 I fully understood, when someone told me that if I wanted to be an actor, I had to understand that great works are about loneliness. And since I lived through all that, I thought: ‘That’s what brought me here.’

Tom Hanks maintains that it was his second wife – the actress Rita Wilson, with whom he has two children- the one that would allow him to leave that problem behind once and for all. “At 27 years old (when I met Rita) I finally realized that I had experienced many bitter commitments and that I had managed to overcome them, and that the things that should have destroyed me did not destroy me.”

“And in the end, you end up finding that other person with whom you think: ‘She does understand me.’ What I felt when I met my wife was: ‘I think I’ll never feel lonely again,’ ”the actor was sincere, describing how he managed to bring those bitter years to a close. For Tom, Wilson would end up being his safe harbor, his mainland. Because it was Rita who saved him from loneliness. And so, often -and just- homage would be paid to him in that interlocutor of Shipwrecked. Sponsors on the sidelines.


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