Traveler weather prediction December: What will happen at Christmas?

  • A ‘time traveler’ reports terrible truth
  • Could a catastrophe happen on Christmas day?
  • “This will show 100% that I am a real-time traveler, don’t forget the date,” said the traveler.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON DECEMBER 25? On TikTok, hundreds of videos on various topics of interest have appeared that seem to captivate the audience. One of them was from a man who claims to be a time traveler and who assures that he knows various moments in the history of humanity that will impact people; Although, several people doubt his words, he assured that he will find a way to teach them that the events he describes are real and therefore, they will believe him.

Recently, he shared on the TikTok platform that an event will happen on December 25 that will change humanity and its way of conceiving life. The time traveler assured in the video that after that date passes, people will believe his words and there will be no more doubts about his work at this time; He did not give any further explanations, only that people do not forget the date.


Photo: TikTok

On TikTok, circulate a video of a user called ThatOneTimeTraveler who shared that he is a time traveler and that events that will mark the history of mankind will happen in the coming months. The person who makes the videos, assures that he is warning the population about the events and after it is proven that they are real they will believe him.

His last video was shared on November 26 and talks about various events that will happen in the coming months and as human beings, they must take them into account to avoid the problems that come after them. In the comments, several Internet users have decided to take it as a joke and mention that “there are already many time travelers”, due to the abundant material that exists about them.

Traveler weather prediction December: What’s to come?

Traveler weather prediction December: What's to come?
Photo: TikTok

ThatOneTimeTraveler, He mentioned that on December 25 an event will take place that will mark the whole world and will be remembered for years to come. The video about the event that will take place in December, was shared on November 26 and so far it has obtained more than 19.3K of ‘likes’ and thousands of comments, who affirm that perhaps it is a ‘good Christmas joke’.

“Two great dates will happen in the world. From December 8 to 20, humans receive superpowers from the energy waves of the sun. ”, the man mentioned in his last video shared through TikTok. In addition, to clarify what will happen on Christmas Day and that it will be an event that changes the whole world. Although, very few have believed what the subject says. Filed Under: Traveler Weather Forecast December

Traveler weather prediction December: On Christmas Day?

Traveler weather prediction December: On Christmas Day?
Photo: TikTok

A video earlier, the man clarified that on December 25 an event was going to happen that would probably change the way of thinking of human beings and clarified that it will be a day that they will remember for the rest of the time that remains in humanity. “Two big dates to remember in the next month,” reported the subject in the description of the video.

“Don’t forget the date. December 25, Christmas Day. Something big will happen on this day that will shock the world and change the way humans live forever, “reported the time traveler through the video he shared on the TikTok platform that surprised some of the Internet users. “This is 100% real and it will prove that I am a real time traveler. Don’t forget the date, ”said the man. Filed Under: Traveler Weather Forecast December

Traveler Weather Forecast December: Will It Change The Whole World?

Traveler Weather Forecast December: Will It Change The Whole World?
Photo: TikTok

Although he did not specify details, he clarified that Christmas Day will bring several changes and that these can be observed and will remain for later. The man assured that as the years go by, humans will continue to remember the events they have experienced and it will be something that will leave a great teaching for future generations. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“The great day is remembered for centuries and changes the way humans live,” said the man in the video, assuring that it will be such a unique date that it will last for centuries to come. The video became popular on the platform and today, netizens continue to comment on the ‘possibilities that it is real’. Filed Under: Traveler Weather Forecast December

Weather traveler December prediction: A supposed ‘time traveler’ told about the arrival of aliens

Weather traveler December prediction: A supposed 'time traveler' told about the arrival of aliens

Through the description of the video, you can see the texts that the supposed ‘time traveler’ shared to ‘warn’ human beings, and tell how the aliens and / or aliens that will arrive on the planet apparently during the first months of 2022.

“They are about 7 feet tall, they are like long and tall skulls with gray hair and their appearance is distorted”, was what can be read in the video as different messages of more information appear about how they will apparently invade Earth. , which also gives date. Filed Under: Traveler Weather Forecast December

Time traveler December prediction: “What they call ‘Aliens’ will make their appearance next year,” assured the ‘time traveler’.

Traveler weather forecast December:

The short TikTok video begins with white clouds and black letters that describe what supposedly the ‘time traveler’ man has to communicate with human beings: “What you call Aliens, will make their appearance on Earth on next year ”, you can read first.

But the revelation becomes more chilling when he himself gives the precise date on which the appearance of the aliens will happen: “The exact date on which they will be seen for the first time is May 24, 2022”, provoking the reaction of the thousands. followers of the controversial TikTok account that has had to change its name several times due to reports of people asking to delete it. Filed Under: Traveler Weather Forecast December

May 24, 2022 is the date Aliens / Aliens will be seen for the first time on Earth.

Aliens, aliens will arrive 2022

Apparently, the ‘time traveler’ is up to 450 years ahead of the year we live in, 2021 and also wrote that: “Since my time, there are different types of aliens and they are really already living on Earth as ‘citizens of the future’ ”Revealed the mysterious man behind the TikTok account.

However, he specified that the group of aliens / aliens that will invade Earth are called ‘Nirons’, they will come in a tone of peace, but unfortunately the United States will attack them and that will cause them to respond with many ‘interdimensional’ wars, according to what is written in their video. .

How will the supposed aliens / extraterrestrials get to Earth?

Aliens will arrive on Earth in 2022 Aliens

The alarming theory of the supposed time traveler about aliens points out that everything will happen around the described date but it will apparently start with a meteor shower that would last for two weeks, but he assured that one of them will be different and it is because it is the ship in that will land on Earth.

The controversial news has been spread not only on TikTok, but on Twitter and other media such as @LaFm on Twitter where people began to express their opinions of ridicule and criticism: “False !!! WE ARE ALREADY HERE “,” They have been here for a long time “,” Ufff, since they are here, but humanity plays the blind “,” The cards of the INWO game also announced it more than 20 years ago “, they wrote. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE CONTROVERSY VIDEO WHERE THE ALLEGED ARRIVAL OF THE ALIENS TO EARTH IS ASSURED.

Is a threatening asteroid added to the ‘arrival’ of the aliens?

Extraterrestrial aliens will arrive on Earth

Asteroid 4660 Nereus. A great threat is approaching the planet, according to NASA, a large asteroid the size of the Eifel tower is heading for Earth. This warns that the large space rock, according to its rhombus, could impact the planet in December, which will cause a great disaster.

According to the Press Digital portal, the asteroid is approximately 330 meters long, which is equivalent to three soccer fields. The gigantic rock has the name 4660 Nereus and has an egg shape and threatens the planet for the next month of December which has generated concern.

They warn that the asteroid 4660 Nereus will hit the Earth

They warn that the asteroid 4660 Nereus will hit the Earth

The danger generated by the huge space rocks that threaten the Earth every year, is increasingly greater, since NASA constantly announces different asteroids that will pass very close to the planet, with a certain probability of danger. This time was no exception.

This crash could be devastating, but it does not pose a danger to society. According to its course in the Milky Way, it could be that it only skims the planet avoiding any misfortune, according to the Debate portal. According to versions of the experts they affirm that the asteroid could only brush the Earth.

They reveal when the asteroid 4660 Nereus will arrive

Will asteroid 4660 Nereus hit or brush the Earth?

The above, at a distance of approximately 3.9 million kilometers, a little more than we have from the Moon. Even though it is classified as a dangerous space rock because of its size, it will not pose a threat to Earth.

The estimated date for the asteroid to reach Earth is December 11. It is worth mentioning that the asteroid Nereus was discovered in 1982 by the American astronomer Eleanor F. Helin, who belonged to the Apollo asteroid group. This group is recognized for crossing the path of the Earth as it orbits the sun.

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