Travis Barker’s Fortune Spent It All on Cars?

TRavis Barker is a famous drummer and one of the celebrities of the moment, It is known that his incredible fortune led him to own a fabulous collection of cars, a luxury sampler where his great classics stand out.

There is no doubt that his incredible talent has gone around the world and has been part of several groups, which never missed the opportunity to have his presence on stage.

It seems that the musician Travis Barker showed great admiration for this instrument from his childhood, since he started playing the drums at the age of 5. In addition, he studied music with a jazz teacher. without forgetting that Travis was influenced by punk, metal, jazz and hip-hop music.

Trevis Barker’s fortune

Trevis Barker’s fortune

There is no doubt that something that is obvious to the naked eye is his incredible talent and wisdom in this industry, because Barker had an incredible track record and his bank account is a clear reflection of that.

It is said that every day the bank figure continues to increase, since it is the result of his enormous work during all these years, since it is estimated that his properties exceed 50 million dollars, which makes him one of the highest paid drummers in the world. .

Other relevant details of the famous Travis Barker is that his incredible fortune led him to own a fabulous collection of cars.

The drummer’s car hobby

Trevis Barker’s fortune

Among the musician’s car collection, the classics stand out, being the favorites of celebrities. Not to mention, his special adoration for Cadillac models, one of the brands that is in fashion and that the drummer has tattooed on his skin. Without a doubt, a great fan of cars.

It has also been highlighted that in his garage he brings together several of the most recognized brands on the market, Travis’s terrible machines, to name just a few of the most acclaimed in the musician’s life, we find his incredible SUV.

As if that were not enough, there was also a squared Nail Mercedes Benz G-Wagon 4×4 that caught everyone’s attention. A huge truck with a rally-inspired design, which is here to make a difference, which has a V8 biturbo engine and reaches a top speed of 210 km/h. with a value of about 230 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that the famous Travis Barker has quite a tour of Cadillac designs.. we find the Escalade, DeVille, ElDorado, Series 62 to name a few. However, the artist is very attached to his black Buick GNX, which is a car with which he does not hesitate to land and turn on the nets.

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