Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard everyone wants to see it and they even pay to enter the court!

Johnny Depp in a Virginia courtroom during Amber Heard's trial.

Johnny Depp in a Virginia courtroom during Amber Heard’s trial.

Photo: Shawn Thew. /Getty Images

The media, legal and personal battle they have given Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard In the trial that has been going on for several weeks, it has made more and more fans want to see it. Especially if it’s about enter the court and observe the scandal and the details of it very closely. To the point that there are people who he is even paying tickets to see them. Of course, this in a black market that has already become popular on social networks.

Everytime that Johnny Depp arrives at the court, his fans do not stop screaming at him in a massive way. Obviously, he also has his retractors, as well as his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The Fairfax courthouse in Virginia is the site of the trial and where there are people buying tickets to see everything that happens there with their own eyes.

An opinion piece that Amber Heard wrote for The Sun presenting himself as a victim of domestic violence, he is on his way to becoming the most mediatic of the last decade. The city Fairfax of the state of Virginiawhere what has become a kind of pilgrimage mecca for their respective fans is being celebrated, although those from Johnny Deppwho look forward to seeing them testify in person.

Every morning, at seven o’clock, a hundred bracelets begin to be distributed that provide access to the interior of court and another one hundred and fifty for another room from which the session of that day can be followed live, although obviously the first ones are the most coveted because the entire trial is being televised through different networks.

The fever to get hold of one of those entrances to the trial it’s gotten to the point where the sheriff’s department has put up a sign at the entrance to the building, warning that no camping or queuing is allowed in the vicinity before 1 a.m. To get an idea of ​​how early the spectators came to the place, last Sunday at ten o’clock at night there were already people waiting to attend the hearing on Monday, which began at nine in the morning.

For weeks, the employees of the cote have been requesting an identity document with a photo from all those who access the premises and their names are noted, in addition to checking the bracelets to ensure that they have not been tampered with. However, this has not stopped the appearance of a black market where tickets are resold for small fortunes.

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