Truck runs over a crowd participating in a parade

A truck runs over for no apparent reason to dozens of people who participated in a parade commemorating the culture and heritage of the original peoples, the past Thursday August 04.

The people gathered in an area of ​​the city of Gallup, in New MexicoUnited States, and the atmosphere of celebration changed when three subjects aboard a vehicle they began to ram people who were in their path.

The police department of Gallup detailed that there was a total of 15 people injuredadded that two security features they were also injured while trying to stop the truck.

Details about the van that ran over the attendees

Details about the truck that ran over the attendees Truck runs over in the United States

According to the police report, the three subjects were drinking alcohol in their vehicle but at one point during the event they accelerated and began to run over the people who were parading and the public.

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Truck runs over in the United States

Truck runs over in the United States

The police reported that after passing in the middle of the parade, the truck crashed with a parked vehicle and this allowed the three crew members to be taken into custody.

They will have to face charges for driving while intoxicated, accident involving serious injury, accident involving personal injury, hit-and-run, driving with an expired license, and no insurance.

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