Trump claims to be a “fashion designer” and launches his new MAGA cap

Trump claims to be a “fashion designer” and launches his new MAGA cap

The new cap costs $ 40.

Photo: ALEX EDELMAN / AFP / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump unveiled an updated version of his iconic MAGA cap with white and gold lettering, your favorite tone, plus your autograph. The Republican claims it was the “fashion designer” who created the new image.

The former president’s team promotes by email, but an unsigned version has a value of $ 40, through the official website.

“I just designed our NEW MAGA Cap and I want YOU to have it”, says the message allegedly attributed to former President Trump in the email, distributed by maling list. “You have always been one of my most LOYAL fans, so I don’t want you to have ANY hat. I want you to HAVE the MAGA cap that I personally SIGNED for YOU ”.

The signed product does not appear on the agent’s website, but urges people to apply as 1 to 10, without knowing what that means.

The history of the new design was revealed by The New York Post.

That email and other campaign emails offer followers of the former president a “limited edition” version of the cap after donating $ 25, $ 50, $ 100 or $ 250.

The unsigned version is available for sale on Trump’s website for $ 40.

The former president has been active raising campaign funds and the recent report notes that added more than $ 100 million.

However, due to deceptive policies, he had to return $ 12 million to taxpayers from whom he withdrew money on a weekly basis.

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