Trump says he wanted Pence to overturn the 2020 election, claims it was the VP’s ‘right’

Donald Trump lashed out at former Vice President Mike Pence

Photo: Jim Watson/Getty Images

Former US President Donald Trump assured in a statement that he wanted his vice president, Mike Pence, to annul the 2020 presidential electionsrepeating the claim that Pence had the power to do so.

What’s more, Trump lashed out at recent bipartisan efforts to reform the Voter Count Law (ACE acronym in English).

The ex-president assured that a bipartisan group of legislators working to reform the Voter Count Law proves his claim that Pence had poweraccording to the legislation, to annul the 2020 elections.

Although the rule is vague, it is clear that the role of the vice president is ceremonial and does not include the power to overturn the outcome of presidential elections.

“Actually, what they are saying is that Mike Pence did have the right to change the outcome. And now they want to eliminate that right. Unfortunately, he did not exercise that power. He could have nullified the election!Trump wrote.

Trump’s argument is echoed by attorney John Eastman, who in a memorandum proposed the steps to follow, invoking the ECA, to prevent the transfer of power in the days before the assault of the Capitol on January 6.

The lawyer replied that the former vice president had the power to consider certain electoral votes invalid and states could use the legislative steps outlined in the Electoral Count Act to ultimately throw out electoral votes from certain entities.

In addition, Eastman argued that Pence should have done so with seven key states that the current president won.

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