Trump traveled on Epstein’s private jet before he became president, his pilot confirmed

The Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet pilot testified that the former president Donald Trump was among the passengers of some of his flights on board of the so-called ‘Lolita Express’.

The pilot Larry Visoki testified under oath Tuesday in the sex trafficking trial of Epstein’s right-hand man, Ghislaine Maxwell..

Prosecutors had asked him to describe his experience and listed the famous passengers he had flown with, saying: “I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him.”

Others to whom Visoki identified as passengers on Epstein’s private flights were Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew.

Visoski added that he was asked to clean up after Clinton’s flight, but did not elaborate, insisting that he “never saw any sexual activity” on the plane.

Trump and Epstein met in the 1990s, when they were both New York City playboys and successful entrepreneurs.

It was previously reported that Trump had flown on Epstein’s plane from Palm Beach, where they both had homes, to Newark in 1997.

Epstein is also said to have flown in one of Trump’s private jets.

The relationship between the two soured when Epstein struck a young woman at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach club, in the early 2000s, before Epstein was convicted of child prostitution.

They were still on good terms in 2002, when Trump gushed in an interview for New York Magazine: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. A great guy. “

“It is a lot of fun to be with him. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are younger. Without a doubt, Jeffrey enjoys his social life. “

Trump was in office when Epstein committed suicide in prison in the summer of 2019.

Trump subsequently fed widespread conspiracy theories suggesting that Epstein had been assassinated.

“Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to find out how it happened,” Trump said of Maxwell, referring to Epstein as her ‘boyfriend.’

“Was it suicide, did they kill him? And I wish him the best. I’m not looking for anything bad for her. I don’t look bad for anyone ”.

Visoki spent most of her testimony Tuesday talking about the girls Epstein brought to the plane.

Epstein took her to the booth. He had penetrating eyes of an intense blue, ”Visoski said of an alleged victim Tuesday morning.

Maxwell’s attorney, Christian Everdell, asked: “And beyond the striking blue eyes, you said she had large breasts, right?”

Visoski replied that she was “a mature woman.”

When asked if he remembers Virginia Roberts, Visoski replied, “Yes. A shorter woman with dirty blonde hair. “

“He didn’t look young. I mean, whatever you figure out as the definition of young. But she was a woman of my category, “he added.

Maxwell walked into the Manhattan courtroom Tuesday morning in a cream-colored sweater, black pants, and watched as Visoski was questioned.

The pilot said Maxwell “was number 2” and “Epstein was big number 1” when asked about their relationship.

When asked how many assistants Epstein had in addition to Maxwell, he replied that there were many.

He specifically named Sarah Kellen, who has been accused of playing a pivotal role in Epstein’s empire: getting girls, training them, and acting as Maxwell’s “lieutenant.”

Visoski was also asked to identify areas of Epstein’s 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where the planes were parked.

He said he used to go to the main residence to collect luggage and help install electronic devices.

Visoski said he performed similar duties on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James, and that he would also fly the helicopter to the island from nearby St. Thomas.

He added that the island can also be reached by boat.

Visoski took the stand for the first time on Monday after opening remarks.

When asked what he had made of Epstein’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, he said it was “more personal than business,” but added: “I would not characterize it as romantic.”

Visoski said he had been hired in 1991 and had flown with Epstein approximately “every four days.”

The pilot captained Epstein’s Boeing 727 plane, known as the “Lolita Express,” which prosecutors believe was used to transport underage girls between Epstein’s residences in New York and Palm Beach.

Victims have claimed that Epstein had a large bed installed on the plane, where the guests had group sex with young girls, fulfilling their erotic fantasies.

In 2015, victim Virginia Giuffre Roberts filed a lawsuit against the billionaire, claiming that he recruited her as a ‘sex slave’ at the age of 15, sexually abusing her for years on his private jet.

Visoski’s testimony was given yesterday on the first day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial on sex trafficking charges in Manhattan Federal Court.

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