Try digging up a dumpster to find a hard drive with a fortune in Bitcoin

a man plans digging up the rubbish bin of an entire city in the UK to find a hard drive he lost ten years ago, which currently contains a fortune in Bitcoin.

The protagonist of this story is James Howeels, who a decade ago destroyed a hard drive forgetting about the cryptocurrencies he had, but now, that the estimated value of the cryptocurrency is 184 million dollars, he plans to spend millions digging at the Newport landfill.

He assured that if he manages to recover the hard drive, he will donate 10% of his profits to turn the city into a cryptocurrency center, however the local authorities do not agree with his plans, since digging the dump represents an ecological risk.

They don’t let him dig up the city dump

James Howeels is the man who wants to recover the hard drive Over the years the price of cryptocurrency changes

According to Howell, who is a computer engineer, he accidentally dropped the hard drive in 2013 after mining it.o 8 thousand bitcoins in the early stages of development of the currency.

The value of this digital currency has varied over time, and as of January 2021, Howell’s value in lost cryptocurrencies was 250 million dollars.

But it seems that the man will not be able to recover his fortune, since the city council has denied him access to the place to dig for environmental reasons. On his part, the engineer, who now has the funds to carry out his work, ensures that he has the necessary knowledge to carry out the work effectively and that it is environmentally beneficial for the city.

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What is bitcoin and how does it work?

Over the years the price of cryptocurrency is changing

Bitcoin is a virtual currency or a means of electronic exchange used to acquire products and services like any other currency. But this currency is decentralized, that is to say that there is no authority or control entity that is responsible for its issuance and registration of its movements.

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