‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’: Helen Ochoa wins the third gala for her classmates, and not for the judges

Helen Ochoa is Alejandra Guzmán Photo: TelevisaUnivision

Photo: TelevisaUnivision / Univision

Helen Ochoa, with her interpretation of Alejandra Guzman, was the winner of the third gala of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’, but for her colleagues and not for the judges Angélica Vale, Charytín Goyco, Eden Muñoz and Víctor Manuelle.

There are only three galas of the TelevisaUnivision Sunday reality show hosted by Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda, and It gets harder and harder, not only for the judges, but also for Helen, Manny Cruz, Sherlyn, Christian Daniel, Kika Edgar, Michael Stuart, Ninel Conde and Yahir.… Why? Because in this second season they have taken their work so seriously that it is very difficult to decide who does it better than others.

Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda at the third gala
Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda at the third gala. Photo: Televisa Univision

It was so, that in this new gala of the Univision and Televisa reality show, According to the judges’ score, the winner was between Christian Daniel’s Rubén Blades and Michael Stuart’s OutKast, who were tied for the table.. But when voting the participants among them, gave the first place to Alejandra Guzmán de Helen Ochoa who took a check for the LULAC foundationfor which he competes.

Sherlyn is Becky G.
Sherlyn is Becky G. Photo: TelevisaUnivision

The night started with Sherlyn, who the previous week won with Camilo. This time she took all the sensuality out of her walk to make Becky G singing ‘Mayores’. Although the judges congratulated her on her growth and leaning on acting, at the time of scoring they were not so generous and gave him a 5-7-6-4.

Christian Daniel is Ruben Blades. Photo: Televisa Univision

He followed Christian Daniel with Ruben Blades, who we told you was worried because he could sing recounting a song as emblematic as ‘Pedro Navaja’. However, he not only succeeded but took the best scores, 10-9-9-8, and was one of two winners for the judges. She even got the hug of the night from Angélica Vale.

Ninel Conde as Selena Quintanilla
Ninel Conde is Selena Quintanilla. Photo: Televisa Univision

Ninel Conde, who had obtained the wild card last week, stole Kika Edgar to play Selena Quintanilla. He confessed that not only was she her idol, but at the beginning of her career she relied on her to put together her shows.

Nevertheless, It did not help him much, because the judges unanimously gave him the lowest score 3-3-3-3. Despite the fact that Angélica Vale wanted to justify her with the fact that for admiring her so much she did not risk giving everything, the ‘Bombón Asesino’ honored the second word of his pseudonym and could not hide his anger in his eyes.

Michael Stuart is OutKast
Michael Stuart is OutKast. Photo: Televisa Univision

One more time Michael Stuart showed that every time he gets on the stage of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ he surprises and teaches the spirit of the show. This time no one could insinuate that he was in his comfort zone like with Daddy Yankee or Marc Anthony. As we told you, he played OutKast for him, someone very far away physically, as well as in melody and even in the language he sings. The judges let him know that it had been the biggest challenge so far this season. Nevertheless, It was not enough for him so that in the equation of the votes of the judges that were 9-10-10-7, added to that of his companions, he could win.

Erika Edgar as Paulina Rubio
Erika Edgar is Paulina Rubio. Photo: Televisa Univision

Kika Edgar had a challenge, to leave her high and fine tone of voice, for a lower and thicker one, that of Paulina Rubio. Angélica Vale marked it in the coaching that she gave her, and the Mexican actress achieved it. Nevertheless, although the judges did see her change, when voting they did not favor her, they gave her 4-4-7-5. Why? Well, they assured that in this gala the bar was so high among most of his peers, it was impossible to give him a better score.

Helen Ochoa is Alejandra Guzman. Photo: Televisa Univision

In the middle of the night came Helen Ochoa, who, as she told us exclusively, was worried about her Alejandra Guzmán, her sexy and feminine side, the dance and the hoarse voice. Nevertheless, Although they did not give her the victory with 8-8-8-9, the judges congratulated her and her colleagues gave her enough points to be in first place..

Manny Cruz is Prince Royce
Manny Cruz is Prince Royce. Photo: Televisa Univision

Manny Cruz put himself in the shoes of his colleague Prince Roycewith whom he expressed to us a few days ago that he is deeply grateful because they wrote ‘Dejavú’ together, a song that the ‘Príncipe de la bachata’ performed with Shakira and toured the world.

He had to sing ‘Carita de Inocente’, and aroused a difference between the judges, because while Eden Muñoz marked him that he did not seek to differentiate himself in the tone of voice and that sounded like himself, Angélica Vale jumped to defend him, assuring that just in this song Royce has a timbre similar to Manny’s.. Question that anyway took a 6-6-4-6.

Yahir is Laura Leon
Yahir is Laura León. Photo: Televisa Univision

The night ended with one of the most anticipated, Yahir characterized as Laura León, as she told us exclusively, the rehearsal week was not easy for her between the wig, the heels and learning the sensual movements. Did she make it? For the judges, the attempt was great and to applaud, but not enough to stop them from seeing his masculine appearance and his manly voice.. That is why at the time of the score, while Angélica, Chary and Víctor Manuelle gave him 7-5-5 respectively, Eden gave him a 10, which made the Mexican run with heels to hug him and give him a kiss.

Eden, Chary, Angélica and Víctor Manuelle, the judges of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’. Photo: Televisa Univision

As we have been telling you, the winner, thanks to the vote of her classmates, was Helen Ochoa and the one who came in last place, Ninel Conde who, as we learned, was very upsetso much so that production would have stopped at the time.



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