‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ the famous competitors once again decide who wins the gala

The celebrities of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ at the fourth gala.

Photo: TelevisaUnivision / Univision

Every week the competition gets tougher. ‘Your Face Sounds Like Me 2’, why? Because the judges Angélica Vale, Charytín Goyco, Víctor Manuelle and Eden Muñoz are not enough for the numbers they have to qualify the famous competitors who show a greater commitment from gala to gala.

So once again, who decides who wins was not the judges, but the famous competitors themselves. For example, At this fourth gala for Angélica, Chary, Víctor and Eden, the highest score went to Helen Ochoa, giving a masterful interpretation of Joan Sebastian, to the point that it brought tears to their eyes. Nevertheless, with the vote of Helen herself, Michael Stuart and Sherlyn, the one who took first place and the check for his foundation was Manny Cruz.

Victor Manuelle, Angelica Vale, Charytín and Eden Muñoz
Víctor Manuelle, Angélica Vale, Charytín and Eden Muñoz. Photo: Televisa Univision

This is the second time that Manny wins a gala, let’s remember that he was the first to debut in that position with his interpretation of David Bisbalso he has already been able to give two checks to UNICEF, the foundation for which he competes.

But as we told you at the beginning, it becomes more and more difficult to choose who is the best, that is why, as the judges repeat and repeat, TelevisaUnivision’s reality show on Sundays is about choosing between the most outstanding and the one that loses is the one that did the least well, not the one that did not do well.

Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda at the fourth gala
Ana Brenda Contreras and Rafael Araneda at the fourth gala. Photo: Televisa Univision

The night started well HOT with Yahir playing Gerardowhich made the judges agree that they finally saw the Mexican involved in the reality show and understanding what it was about, and He even took the 10 of the also coach, Angélica Vale. But also he showed by taking off his shirt, that his daily pace and perseverance in the gym has its fruits.

Yahir is Gerardo
Yahir is Gerardo. Photo: Televisa Univision

Yahir was followed by one of the best moments of the night and the most moving, which was when Helen Ochoa revived Joan Sebastian with an interpretation and a characterization that made Chary cry and especially Angélica Vale who told her: “It always reminds me a lot of my dad, seeing you there has hit me very hard”.

Helen got the highest score of the night when it comes to judges and it was her winner, but not the one of the night because, as we told you, with the vote of her colleagues, including her own, the winner was Manny.

Helen Ochoa as Joan Sebastian
Helen Ochoa as Joan Sebastian. Photo: Televisa Univision

The third to go on stage in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ was Christian Daniel with an impressive Justin Bieber, behind his performance you could see the work, the coordination between the singing, the choreography and the interpretation. But to the surprise of those of us who saw a great job, for the judges it was not like that and just as they did the last gala with Selena Quintanilla de Ninel Conde, the four judges agreed to give everything the lowest score 3-3-3-3.

Christian Daniel is Justin Bieber
Christian Daniel is Justin Bieber. Photo: Televisa Univision

Ninel Conde got into the skin of one of her friends, Ana Bárbara, who has a style similar to hers. The most shocking thing is that It was his turn to sing ‘Bandido’ and before getting on stage, he told one of the two hosts, Rafael Araneda, that he dedicated it “To all the bandits, and to one in particular.”… Although he did not give the name, it is very possible that he was referring to his last partner, Larry Ramos, who has been a fugitive from justice for months.

Ninel Conde is Ana Barbara
Ninel Conde is Ana Barbara. Photo: Televisa Univision

Another shocking moment of the fourth gala of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’, was when the cloner came down Kika Edgar in the skin of Raphael. Although the judges told him that his tone of voice did not achieve it, and that it is true, his characterization and his impeccable interpretation from the performance, made the Spanish singer see him on stage.

Kika Edgar as Raphael
Kika Edgar is Raphael. Photo: Televisa Univision

The duo, the first such challenge in the competition: Manny Cruz and Michael Stuart as Mario Domm and Samo from ‘Camila‘. As they told us exclusively when we accompanied them in rehearsals, for these two singers, the mere act of performing together made them feel like winners.

Nevertheless, yes there was one who triumphed tonight and that was Manny Cruz, who for all achieved the difficult challenge of being Domm in every way.

Manny Cruz and Michael Stuart are Camila
Manny Cruz and Michael Stuart are Camila. Photo: Televisa Univision

The night closed Sherlyn with her exceptional Xuxa that made everyone in the forum jump and danceincluding his characterized companions who came to the stage hand in hand with the ‘Paquitas’. What impressed you about Sherlyn? Her ability to sing, dance and cheer.

Sherlin is Xuxa
Sherlyn is Xuxa. Photo: Televisa Univision

In this fourth gala, in the middle of the competition since in three more weeks we will know the winner or the winner, had a special guest, Gabriel Coronel, who participated in the first seasonnot only gave advice to the 8 colleagues who are now competing, but also got on stage characterized by Luis Miguel and remember old times.

Gabriel Colonel is Luis Miguel
Gabriel Colonel is Luis Miguel. Photo: Televisa Univision

As we told you, the winner, for the second time, was Manny Cruz with his Mario Domm and he was able to bring a second check to UNICEF.



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