Tulio Hernandez, former Tlaxcala governor, and Silvia Pinal’s ex, passes away at 85

Former Tlaxcala Governor Tulio Hernandez dies at 85. Silvia Pinal reflects on their romance; the state plans tribute.

Tlaxcala, Mexico’s smallest state, mourns the loss of a beloved leader. Tulio Hernandez, who once led the state as governor from 1981-1987, passed away at the age of 85. His death comes amid the celebrations of Mexico’s 213th Independence anniversary.

The current head of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Tlaxcala, Anabel Avalos Zempoalteca, took to social media to confirm the sad news and express her condolences to Hernandez’s family.

Ávalos described the former governor as a man of magnanimity, emphasizing his unwavering love for Tlaxcala. “It is with great sadness that I learn of the passing of our former governor Lic. Tulio Hernández Gómez, a noble man, of great generosity and love for Tlaxcala. His loss is irreparable,” Ávalos shared on her platforms.

El gobernador tenía problemas de salud, pero aún no se ha hecho pública la causa de su muerte.
Foto: Captura de pantalla
The governor had health problems, but the cause of his death has not yet been made public. Photo: Screenshot

Details about the death

While the exact cause of his death remains unconfirmed, it is speculated that Hernandez’s long battle with Alzheimer’s disease and his cardiac history might have played a part. The somber announcement came on Saturday, September 16, at 5:00 p.m. Current Governor Lorena Cuellar conveyed her message of solidarity, stating, “The State Government regrets the death of former Tlaxcala Governor Tulio Hernandez Gomez. May he rest in peace.”

Hernandez was at his residence in the municipality of San Esteban Tizatlán, near the capital of Tlaxcala, when he passed. In recognition of his service and dedication to the state, the Morena administration plans to honor him with a tribute at the Government Palace, to which family and friends will be invited.

Recibirá un homenaje luctuoso por parte del Gobierno de Morena en la entidad.
Foto: FB Anabel Ávalos
She will receive a mournful tribute from the Morena Government in the state. Photo: FB Anabel Ávalos

His romance with Silvia Pinal

Beyond politics, the 80s spotlighted Hernandez’s romantic involvement with the legendary actress Silvia Pinal. After her tumultuous relationship with the renowned Enrique Guzman, Pinal found solace with Hernandez. They wed in 1982, shortly after the tragic death of Pinal’s daughter, Viridiana. The union transformed Pinal into the first lady of Tlaxcala.

Reflecting on her decision to marry Hernandez during such a challenging period, Pinal once revealed, “I didn’t want to get married, I didn’t want anything… It was very difficult but there was no other way, it’s something that stays with you.”

La actriz se convirtió en la primera dama de Tlaxcala en los años 80.
Foto: Especial
The actress became the first lady of Tlaxcala in the 80’s. Photo: Especial

Pinal, who lauded Hernandez for his exemplary governance and oratory skills, also candidly addressed the challenges in their relationship. According to her, the dynamics shifted after his gubernatorial term. “People loved us very much, he did many good things but Tulio was changing when he lost power because he stopped being governor. He did not change for the better. He hurt himself,” she remarked.