Tunden Chumel Torres for racist comment against AMLO voters

The influencer Chumel Torres published a tweet that was pointed out by a large number of Internet users as racist, classist and even xenophobic. The intention of his message was to criticize those who voted for the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) using their skin color and clothing as an argument.

“‘How did you know that I voted for Andrés Manuel López Obrador?!?'” Chumel wrote this January 5 on his Twitter account, accompanying his message with the image of Maribel Madrigal, the protagonist of Encanto, the new Disney movie.

With said phrase hypothetically pronounced by some or some supporter of President López Obrador, Chumel Torres He hinted that it is quite predictable that a person with brown skin, black hair and folk dress will vote for AMLO.

Chumel denigrated AMLO voters on Twitter

Tunden Chumel Torres for racist comment against AMLO voters.

AmericanPost.News reports that the Disney movie “Encanto” is inspired by Colombia and Maribel Madrigal belongs to a family that was displaced by violence, the fact that Chumel used her image means that she is stereotyping all AMLO voters by their appearance.

As expected, before the publication of the influencer, thousands of Internet users flooded the youtuber for having used the physical characteristics of a person to criticize one of his political decisions.

In networks, they remind Chumel Torres of his racism

Chumel Torres became a trend through Twitter and within it there were also those who remembered the comment that “took” him from an HBO production as well as his other “jokes” or “jokes” that lead to controversy within social networks .

“I think Chumel didn’t learn when they ran him from HBO or when @TenochHuerta made a fool of him. A misel racist after all, “said a user to recall that in 2020 HBO Latin America suspended a Chumel Torres program for his statements on networks.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that the host of the program “El Pulso de la República” has been involved in a scandal or criticizes the supporters of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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