Tunden to Fernanda wife of Canelo while riding a luxurious yacht

Fernanda Gomez She is one of the women who has tried not to be involved in controversy, which is why this time she was severely criticized on social networks after appearing in a video while on a luxurious yacht. receives face down massage.

And it is that the wife of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez this time she was the protagonist of negative comments in social networks All for a video that she uploaded without knowing that they would go over her, because despite the fact that she is very loved by thousands of her husband’s followers, they did not forgive her for the leak.

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It was through his official Instagram account that Fernanda Gomez shared a video in which she was very happy with her husband Canelo Alvarez They gave themselves a well-deserved rest and what could be better than on a luxurious yacht, taking advantage of the boxer’s good mood to give him a massage.

So the young influencer appears in the video wearing nothing more and nothing less than a black two-piece bikini while she looks in front of the camera lens in a daring pose face down on red towels and with a gray coverlet in case she got cold in front of low temperatures.

While the Mexican boxer gives him a massage but they quickly call him to greet someone from a distance, however, what Gómez did not tell is that his video would be taken up by Tell me what you know and quickly negative comments rained down on him and all because of the leak.

Since to appear on social networks it is very common for celebrities to use the famous Instagram filters, so by setting it to automatic to look even better when focusing on Canelo Alvarez while giving the massage, it seems as if half of his face has disappeared and only his glasses are visible.

Internet users thrashed her hard and thick, assuring that she was already a beautiful woman who does not need the filters in the camera’s social network, in addition to that it caused the boxer to lose the features of his face.

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