Tv Azteca actress who kissed a woman returns to Televisa

Televisa is betting everything with its members and now a famous soap opera actress, who has been in more than 20 melodramas on Televisareturn to fiction and visit the forum of the Hoy program after venturing into Tv Azteca.

We are talking about Martha Julia, from Sinaloa, who debuted in the television station of San Ángel in 1995 but he has given several interviews to TV Azteca after his controversial divorce and kissing an actress in Como dice el dicho.

That is why now, after a notorious romance with Gabriel Soto, Martha Julia now visits the Televisa morning forum to talk about La Madrastra, her new project in which she is participating.

Tv Azteca actress visits the Hoy program

Martha Julia The new Martha Julia project

It should be noted that the famous 47-year-old from Sinaloa, who has been in more than 20 telenovelas and Televisa programs since 1995, such as El Premio Mayor, Salud, dinero y amor, Amigas y rivales, Lasvías del amor, Destilando Amor, Soy tu owner and Crown of Tears, she divorced a few years ago from fellow actor Salvador Ibarra.

That is why after some years of fights and conflicts over the daughter they have in common, they now have a cordial relationship, although the actress has been honest about the economic crisis and lack of work that happened in the pandemic.

Now the actress who has been on Televisa for 27 years returns to soap operas in the new version of La Madrastra, after participating in the 2005 version starring Victoria Ruffo.

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He kissed an actress and now he returns to Televisa

Martha Julia’s new project

Although she was in some unitaries such as This story sounds to me, La Rosa de Guadalupe and As the saying goes, where she played a lesbian woman who falls in love with her friend and even kisses her, now she presumes her return to melodramas.

Martha Julia attends the morning newspaper Hoy, this after the controversy over working with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Soto in La Madrastra after he canceled his wedding with Irina Baeva allegedly due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It seems that he has left Venga la Alegría and Ventaneando behind, broadcasts to which he gave interviews in the competition. This was announced this Wednesday on their social networks, because together with the Argentine Juan Martín Jauregui, they will talk about the long-awaited story.

It should be noted that La Madrastra opens next Monday, August 15, and stars Aracely Arámbula and Andrés Palacios and is produced by Carmen Armendáriz. Martha Julia will be a villain in the story and promises to cause controversy in the “remake” of the telenovela of the same name from 2005.

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