“TV Azteca’s big gamble: Millionaire prizes with ‘La Rueda de la Suerte’ hosted by Mercadante and Curvy Zelma”

Premiering soon, TV Azteca's new game show La Rueda de la Suerte (Wheel of Fortune) promises thrilling challenges, millionaire prizes, and audience participation via their app.

TV Azteca continues to make several changes in its programming. In the recent broadcast of Venga la Alegría, the arrival of a new program called “La Rueda de la Suerte” (Wheel of Fortune) was confirmed, marking the return of the beloved host Rafael Mercadante.

Since the beginning of 2023, TV Azteca has surprised everyone with the announcement of several premieres, with which they seek to recover the ratings and affection they had from the public.

Among the upcoming premieres to be broadcast on Azteca TV’s screens, it was confirmed that “La Rueda de la Suerte,” a game show that promises millionaire prizes for its contestants.

Hosts of TV Azteca’s “La rueda de la suerte”.

La rueda de la suerte
Curvy Zelma and Rafael Mercadante will host “La rueda

As we have informed you in American Post News, the morning show, Venga la Alegria announced the arrival of the new TV Azteca’s game show, which will have as star hosts Rafael Mercadante and Curvy Zelma, two of the most beloved hosts of the TV station.

It is worth noting that Curvy Zelma recently joined the cast of Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana, and Rafael Mercadante will return to TV Azteca’s screens after being fired from “Escape Perfecto,” which has Marco Antonio Regil as its new host.

This program will have several contestants facing various challenges and fighting for the ultimate grand prize, which will be unveiled in each broadcast, taking away incredible prizes.

The hosts, Curvy Zelma and Rafael Mercadante, were very happy with this new program, which has been broadcasted for 46 years worldwide and has had 27 adaptations.

What must you do to attend La Rueda de la Suerte as an audience?

La rueda de la suerte
La rueda de la suerte will be coming to TV Azteca screens

The participants of La Rueda de la Suerte will be chosen by the production, which must be registered in the TV Azteca app. It is worth mentioning that this call is already open.

So far, the premiere date of TV Azteca‘s new programLa Rueda de la Suerte” has not been confirmed, nor has its transmission time, so the program it will replace is unknown.