TV Hosts Challenge Taliban in Afghanistan; they do not cover their faces

Although the regime Taliban ordered that women should cover their faces when they are in public, the TV presenters of the main networks in Afghanistan went to work this Saturday with their faces uncovered.

The Taliban regained power in Afghanistan since last year and since then they have imposed strict rules, attached to their rigorous interpretation of Islam, which does not favor women.

In that sense, AmericanPost.News reported that last Thursday the Taliban ordered the television stations of that country that their drivers cover their faces, preferably with a burqa, while they are on the air.

Women fear losing their jobs in Afghanistan

Journalists did not comply with the Taliban’s order There is concern about a human rights crisis in Afghanistan

Despite the aforementioned order, this Saturday the women journalists of the main television networks, such as TOLOnewsappeared in the frame with their faces uncovered, which contradicts what was requested by the Taliban regime.

It should be noted that Abid Ehsas, head of news for Shamshad TVexplained that the presenters did not agree to cover their faces because they fear that this measure is the beginning of the end of their rights and that the next thing they do is order them to stop working.

In this regard, Mohamad Sadeq Akif Mohajir, spokesman for the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, warned that if the journalists continue not to comply with the order to cover their faces, they should talk to those responsible for the television stations to take action on the matter. He pointed out that they must adhere to the norms of the current government of Afghanistan.

Human rights situation in Afghanistan

There is concern about a human rights crisis in Afghanistan

In recent days, the Taliban reported that they dissolved the independent human rights commission, as they did not consider it necessary. This caused various associations to express their concern about the possible violation of individual guarantees in Afghanistan. It should be remembered that this regime returned to power in that country after the president of the United States, Joe Biden announce the withdrawal of its troops in August 2021.

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