TV Show war: “¿Quién es la Máscara?” far exceeds the rating of “MasterChef Celebrity”

‘Master Chef Celebrity’ of Aztec TV would have dominated the rating statistics during its first episodes, however after the premiere of Who is the Mask? of Televisa reality has changed and now the throne belongs to another program.

The program hosted by omar chaparro returned this past weekend with new celebrities trapped under the masks and with a luxury cast headed by singer Carlos Rivera and Yuri, being one of the most anticipated shows by the audience this year.

Although stars like Karla Sofía assure that they used bots to gain the audience, the reality is that the statistics say the opposite, since the production of Michelangelo Fox completely crushed the most famous cuisine in Mexico, data that of course in American Post News we will bring you below.

Televisa takes the Sunday rating on TV Azteca

Televisa wins the Sunday rating on TV Azteca Schedule and where to see Who is the Mask?

The war for the rating has begun between Televisa Y Aztec TV with the premiere of “La Máscara” against the culinary competition of Master Chef Celebrity by the Ajusco television station.

In its first weekend, the show produced by Miguel Ángel Fox registered 3.1 million viewers connected at the same time, becoming the most watched program on open television and far surpassing its closest competition.

As for MasterChef Celebrity, although it maintained its audience of 1.4 millionthe public clearly made it clear, even on social networks, that the project directed by Omar Chaparro is their preference.

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Hours and where to see Who is the Mask?

Hours and where to see Who is the Mask?

The star program Televisa It is broadcast live every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. by the Las Estrellas signal, one of the most watched reality shows on television and in entertainment.

Galilea Montijo, Juan Pa Zurita, Carlos Rivera and Yuri repeated in the panel of researchers, while omar chaparro he reprized his role in the main co-hosting of the show.

Who is the Mask? devastated everything at the beginning of the fourth season and as you will surely remember, in previous broadcasts we had crowned Vadhir Derbez in his role as Chameleon, Mary Leon like Disco Ball and KalimbaOV7 member like Apache.

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