Twitch: who are the best known Mexican streamers in the world

Mexican streamers hold several positions among the top Spanish-language content creators on Twitch

Photo: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

In recent years, Twitch has become one of the main sources of entertainment for young audiences. worldwide, thus allowing content creators to have risen to fame by adding thousands of followers and subscribers.

While most of these streamers spend much of their screen time playing video games, others offer more varied content, allowing them to target a broader audience.

Such has been the success of Mexican streamers around the world that three of them are currently in the top 10 content creators on Twitch in Spanish., averaging more than 25,000 viewers on each of their broadcasts. This shows the weight of the Mexican community within the platform.

Here we tell you who are part of the top Mexican streamers:

The first place in the table is occupied by the streamer Juan Guarnizo who has more than 8,000,000 followers and 13,650 subscribers on Twitchwhich makes him the creator of Mexican content with the greatest weight within the platform.

As a particular fact, he is married to the Mexican streamer AriGamePlays. On average, Guarnizo has an average of 25,000 viewers in each of his broadcasts.

Second place belongs to Osvaldo Palacios, popularly known as ElMariana, a content creator from the state of Tamaulipas. His broadcasts include gameplays, challenges, and collaborations with other Mexican and international streamers.

Currently It has more than 4,500,000 followers on Twitch and about 11,185 subscribers according to the Twitch Tracker portal..

The third position in the table is currently occupied by the streamer known as QuackityToo, which creates content focused mostly on gameplays and has about 2,000,000 followers.

During his most watched stream his channel had more than 140,000 viewerssomething that not even Mariana himself has achieved since he began broadcasting live on Twitch and that demonstrates his reach on the platform.

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