Twitter and freedom of expression

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

With the recent confirmation of the acquisition of the majority of the shares of the social network Twitter by the billionaire businessman Elon Musk, the discussion that links social networks with the exercise of freedom of expression is revived.
As expected, there were opinions for and against this action. For some, this purchase will represent a greater tendency to moderate comments and avoid the polarization that is so frequent on that social network, while for others, it will represent the loss of one of the factors that most characterizes these spaces and that has to do with the non-identification of those who express their opinion.
In the past, the influence that social networks have had on electoral processes has been demonstrated and how the so-called “public opinion” can be manipulated through the incorporation of bots in charge of positioning trends that respond to certain interests.
To what extent do we have truly independent opinions on the main issues of world events? Hard to tell.
On the one hand, I celebrate the fact that Musk has announced his intention to eliminate automated profiles and open the algorithm so that anyone can verify the way content is presented on that network, but we will not stop being alert to effects that the fact that every day more platforms are monopolized in a few hands may have on freedom of expression.
As a journalist, I will always be a staunch defender of freedom of expression and that is why I will keep an eye on what may happen with this and any other social network.
At the same time, I have read how some users have expressed their desire to close their accounts and leave the neighborhood of the little blue bird. I don’t think this is the time to do it without first evaluating the changes that could come.
Likewise, I have been able to witness “digital lynchings” at the hands of many keyboard heroes who would surely be incapable of making such assertions if they were facing the person to whom they are directing them.
It should not be necessary to receive moderation from an external entity in our interactions as humans since we always have the opportunity to practice a little empathy.
It will dawn and we will see if the changes lead us to a greater expansion of consciousness or not. Let’s hope so.
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